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Wondering in Khan Market

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Wondering in Khan Market

South Delhi has been a hub for Fashion, food, books, and lifestyle. They have always been a perfect place to enjoy, celebrate and eat. With some global trends and some awesome dishes, this place is always crowded with its youth and swaggy groups of Delhi teens. It creates a world of the quaint and the quirky. So, make sure to check out the list below for some great places to hang out and enjoy some delicious food. Here’s a list of the best bars, cafes, and restaurants in Khan Market. Make sure to visit them.

  • Smokey’s BBQ &Grill

With an outstanding outdoor seat and a pleasant decor, this place is a hit pub and is best known for its pizzas, some of which are considered to be the most delicious pizzas in town. This place offers a cozy, warm and pleasant environment. The cool vibes are enough to make you fall in love with this place. The classic combination of wood and leather is often seen here. The best dishes to try here is  Six Cheese Pizza, Meat Platter, Mocktails. It is perfect for hanging out with your friends. It is located near 51, 1st Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi.

  • Mr. Choy

This is a unique restaurant with some different and unique cuisine. It is a perfect blend of Asian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Thai. It has a cozy environment that combines with some blooming decor. One of the best restaurants in  Khan Market. The décor definitely sets the mood right with the fun pop of colors. The various drinks serve as the best way to enjoy and regain some energy back. The foodies can have some great dishes that are Bento Box, Mango Pudding, Bubble Tea. It is quite a famous place and is quite spacious. It is perfect for Lunch Dates, Family Outing. It is located near 15, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi.

  • Lave pizzeria Ristorante

Savor some of the exotic pizza with some exciting toppings. The zesty sauces and the extra cheese will make your day. It is known as “ hidden gem” of Khan Market. This place is acquired by the aroma of fresh herbs that fills the atmosphere, giving a soothing feel. La Vie is best known for its Italian cuisine, especially the thin crust pizzas. Offering light food and not compromising on its authenticity, you must check out La Vie in case you’re looking for something great. Dishes to have here isRatatouille Pizza, Carbonara Spaghetti. The place is perfect for Quick Bites. Make sure to visit this iconic place. It is located near 51A, Khan market, New Delhi.

  • China fare

This place contains small, compact yet a good preferable restaurant. The market is quite affordable and the taste plus flavors are unique. Consistency has a great role to play that is in this place it dishes are having some iconic taste. The decor is quite cool and the beautiful art wall is eye-catching plus appreciable. Make sure to visit this place for a quick meal. The main dishes are Manchow Soup, Ginger Prawn, Crispy Honey Lamb, Chicken Hong Kong Style. It is perfect for Dinner, Family Outing. It is located near 27-A, Khan Market, New Delhi. It is one of the best restaurants in Khan Market. Make sure to visit this place.

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