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Why Pet Grooming in Chapel Hill NC Is Growing in Popularity

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January 8, 2019
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January 8, 2019

Why Pet Grooming in Chapel Hill NC Is Growing in Popularity

A clean and well-groomed pet is a happy pet. That is because proper grooming is essential to ensuring good health of your fur babies. Just be sure to bring your cat or dog to an established and trusted groomer. With more people having pets, the more pet grooming in Chapel Hill NC continues to be popular with discerning families and individuals. There are several benefits to grooming your pet. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Pampering – Matted or tangled fur or hair, skin allergies, and dirt can make cats and dogs uncomfortable and miserable, causing poor behavior and bad moods. Pet grooming in Chapel Hill NC may help improve your pet’s behavior and mental state. Leave it to the groomers to address the problem and improve your pet’s condition by bathing them, trimming their nails, and giving their fur a trim. Your pet will come home smelling and looking great, which may uplift your mood, too.
  • Safe for cats and dogs – Reputable pet grooming facilities in Chapel Hill NC use safe and environmentally friendly products that will not harm you, your pet’s health, or the environment. Shampoos, conditioners, flea and tick treatments, and other products contain no harmful and harsh chemicals.
  • A good way to learn more about your pet – Before the grooming session starts, groomers will take time to get to know your pet and recommend the best grooming services and care, all subject to your approval. They will discuss skin and coat issues they may have noticed on your pet. A groomer may give you tips to care and groom your pet at home, too.
  • Groomers are great with animals – Pet owners are happy to know that pet grooming in Chapel Hill NC is conducted carefully by seasoned groomers who will work with you to ensure that your pet will not be stressed while being bathed. They are careful when handling animals, and they consider the physical limitations of your pet, too. This way, they are able to guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable grooming session.
  • Clean and conducive facilities – Professional groomers keep their facilities clean and well-maintained, especially those that are family-owned and operated.

About the Author:

This article was written by Thomas West, Vice President of Country Inn Kennel and Cattery. Country Inn Kennel and Cattery is a family owned and operated boarding kennel in Chapel Hill, NC. They offer boarding and grooming services for dogs and cats, throughout Chapel Hill and in neighboring towns. They also offer pick up and drop off service for dog grooming service holder.

Thomas West
Thomas West
Country Inn Kennel and Cattery offers friendly, loving, and supervised environment for your pet.

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