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Why Drinks in Glass Are Still Popular?

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Why Drinks in Glass Are Still Popular?

Why Drinks in Glass Are Still Popular?

Outside of alcohol, the majority of drinks are now in fountains, cans, and cartons. While you might see the occasional glass drink once in a while, those moments are few and far in between. However, despite not being as relevant as it was before, drinks in glass still appear heavily in the market today. Some of the most popular soda companies continue to have a glass bottle as their primary icon when most of their product can be found in cans or dispensers. Despite no longer being the primary form of packaging, why are drinks within bottles of glass continuing to be heavily present in our culture?

Needy Nostalgia

Back in the older days, glass drinks were far more prevalent and were essentially the social norm. These days, the structure has changed to help companies become more financially and environmentally friendly. However, the market that grew up with the older style of the drink still exists. Companies will continue to make multiple forms of the drink to appeal to as many age groups as they can. The more people they can continue to keep connected to their product, the better chance of survival they get.

Feeling Cooler

While some feel that glass is a step down from cans as they are less easy to open and will put less people in danger if it is broken, there is at least one important function that bottles will have over aluminum cans. Even if two drinks were to leave the refrigerator as the same temperature, glass tends to keep drinks cooler for a longer period of time. That feeling of getting a cold drink will last longer and feel more satisfying to those who need a refreshment under the heat. Cans can only stay cold for a couple of minutes before you will have to poor them into a cup with ice to keep them cold. Even the act of pouring a could drink into a cup is easier and preferable with a bottle as well.

A Pure Taste

Drinks that come in aluminum cans or plastic bottles often leach some chemicals of the container’s material into the drink itself, altering how it tastes. Glass bottles are easy to clean, harder to deteriorate and rarely affect the drink’s health or taste with the material itself. It is the closest you get to that restaurant feeling of someone handing you a cold drink in a glass right after ordering it. There is little coming in the way of the taste of your preferred drink in a glass.

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