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Why a lengthy hiring process is costing you talent?

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March 7, 2019
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March 7, 2019

Why a lengthy hiring process is costing you talent?

Imagine, a candidate seeking a new job has been successfully giving interviews in new organizations. Quite sure about their skill, they are waiting for the 1st offer to come so that they could grab it. A study has shown that about 54% of the recruiters have lost a talented candidate due to lengthy processes. If you also fall under this 54% category, then it is high time to make strategies for an efficient recruitment process.

The market analysis has proved that choosing an RPO vendor for your hiring needs can turn the tables upside down. You will not only receive a well-versed candidate but will also save a lot of time and money. A lot of RPO service providers in the USA have stated that the major reason to lose a talented candidate is an inefficient recruitment procedure.

Here, we will write down some reasons for the stretched hiring process that will cost you talent. Scroll down to know!

Assuming you are the candidates only option

Assuming that the candidate has a single offer in their hand is not only wrong but also detrimental. When a candidate starts looking out for jobs they interview hundreds of places. Maximum times the first one to offer gets the candidate. Therefore, by making your recruitment process quick and smooth, you end up getting a better candidate and save a lot of time and efforts.


You Underestimate Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is not a choice anymore, it is a need. If you underestimate RPO, you will eventually end up facing repercussions. Choosing an RPO service provider will help you experience the joy of getting the best talent without any hassle. Sounds great, isn’t it? The experience is even better.


Not asking for referrals

There is a great chance that your current employee knows someone who is a perfect fit for an opening in your company. This will save you of all the hard work and lots of time to find a professional candidate. Asking referrals is beneficial beyond expectations because a person recommends another employee when they personally want to work with them. Therefore, you get a candidate fit for your company culture. This technique works wonder for both employee and organization. The reason? Organization gets a suitable candidate and an employee gets a referral bonus. Thus, it is a win-win situation.


Not focusing on a well-written description

A well-written job description attracts better talent and eliminates unsuitable applications. Unspecified job descriptions will open a lot of doors for the applicants who are remotely close to the open position. This will consume your time, effort and leave you with nothing. We bet you don’t want that. RPO agency is a great option to hand over these responsibilities to.

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