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What is Off Grid Solar System and How is it Beneficial ?

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What is Off Grid Solar System and How is it Beneficial ?

About Off Grid solar system

The Off Grid solar systems allow the user to store the solar power in batteries so that the power can be used when the power grid goes down or if you are not on the grid. Hybrid systems offer power to offset the grid power when the sun is shining and will also send excess power to the grid, which can be stored for using later on.

The off grid solar system is considered beneficial for many homeowners because there are a lot of off-grid solar system packages to choose from which maximises energy output and can be used to cycle electricity in your home. The systems are affordable and considered as a sustainable and environment-friendly solution to address the power crisis which many countries face today. It ensures that you don’t have to live without electricity during times when you need it the most.
Here’s a look at the benefits of installing off grid solar system:

  • Light with no power

If you live in an area which is prone to blackouts, the off grid solar systems provide assurance that your lights will still function. As the grid does not power them, if the electric company has an issue, your lights will not be affected and will operate as it is. Even if your area is not affected by the power cut, you can rest assured that no matter what goes with the grid power in your area, your lights will function. The system is quite famous in military and government facilities.

  • No electricity bills

The off grid power does not use electricity from the grid, and thus it doesn’t cost you anything in the electricity bill. After the inception and popularity of LED fixtures, the maintenance on solar systems has reduced significantly. The only thing that requires change is the battery. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the nights of autonomy. The more autonomy, the longer the battery life and lower the maintenance cost.

  • Easy installation

The off grid solar power light systems provide much easier installation. The light can be placed where it is required. Unlike the limitations of traditional grid-powered lighting where there are existing poles or infrastructure, the solar system can be installed anywhere. It lowers the cost without disturbing the existing structure. It is helpful in situations where the grid power is far from the location where the light is required.

  • Light where you need it

The lights can be placed exactly where they are needed. If you have a dark area in your parking lot or a pathway around the park where there is no electricity, the solar system can be installed in any location. If you need lights in a shady area, the solar system can be installed up to a height of 50’ to 100’ so that the system is exposed to full sun.

If you are looking for off grid solar system installation, explore the options by doing some research and find a company which identifies, finances and develops the off grid projects in your area.

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