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What Are The Key Differences Between Air And Helium Balloons?

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What Are The Key Differences Between Air And Helium Balloons?

Many people understand that there are quite many differences between the air filled and helium balloons, but most of them would not be able to explain the factors that differentiate them. Most of the companies will not provide a detailed explanation between the two counterparts.

If you are planning on purchasing these bouncy balls and having trouble selecting either air or helium balloons Brisbane, we are going to mention some of the aspects that will help you make a better decision. If you are planning to throw a party, you should know which one would be better suited for the venue, decoration, and budget. Let us understand the differences between the two types below.

Lasting Time

Some latex balloons have a Hi-Float coat, which intends to increase the lasting time. It lies somewhere between 9 and 10 hours. In case of other foil balloons, the product will be able to stay afloat for three or four days. With the help of the right materials, the gas options will be able to remain intact for a month as well.

On the other hand, the air-filled ones do not say afloat for that long. You should avoid taking them outside because they are quite vulnerable when in contact with heat. Therefore, keep this element in mind before you inflate these bouncy balls for your event.


When you are considering the price of the bouncy balls, you must take note that the gas-filled ones are going to be more expensive than the air-filled ones. But they last longer as well. Therefore, depending on your requirements, you must make a decision. Most people prefer to go for a higher budget because the gas ones are fancier even though they cost more. However, make sure that the one you choose is a better investment for you.

Designs, Graphics, Size, and Shape

Balloons can be customised in a number of styles, but even with the designs, graphics, and written messages, you will find differences in the air and helium counterparts. There are many unique, special, and different shapes in these bouncy balls that are filled with gas instead of air, mainly because they float in the air upright. Air counterparts would be not found in shapes of characters, people, or animals. If you like the ones that come with exciting characters to compliment your kid’s party, you must go for the gas versions.


Helium is known to be lighter than air. Therefore, when these bouncy balls contain this noble gas, it will rise higher and float as compared to the air equivalents. It is known to add a fun element to parties, especially in weddings and kid’s birthday parties.


When it comes to air balloons, they are tied off tightly which prevents you from refilling them. But it can be done easily in case of the gas options.

Go through the pros and cons of these two types and make a decision based on that. Every aspect of the event must be considered before making a choice to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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