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What are the Common Problems of Misting Fans

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What are the Common Problems of Misting Fans

Outdoor misting fans are a revolutionary, energy and cost efficient way to keep you cool in summer. Not only are misting fans ideal for commercial and residential outdoor entertaining areas, they are great for warehouses and any commercial indoor/outdoor work environments.

Outdoor misting fans can reduce the effect of insects, dust, and unpleasant odours as well as keeping you cool. Like air conditioning, you need to choose an option that’s most suitable to your requirements. Unlike air conditioning, after the initial set up costs, which compare more than favourably to any other type of cooling system anyway, you will have a cooling system that doesn’t cost much to run.

Unfortunately, like everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you purchased Climate Australia misting fans for your misting system then some of these issues are not likely to apply to you. But if you didn’t then you may have an inferior product and some of these problems may be occurring:

Uneven or inadequate mist

Assuming you have sufficient water in your reservoir and assuming you are keeping it topped up for water misting system, if your mist is irregular or lacking power then you may have a clogged nozzle. Dust, mineral or calcification build up in the nozzle may be the culprit in either your free standing or your wall mounted misting fan. You should clean the nozzle regularly and soak it in vinegar. The nozzle should be distributing a mist and it should be even and reducing the temperature by as much as four degrees. If that’s not happening and you’ve tried our suggestions, then you might want to consider a replacement.

 Dirty mist

A dirty nozzle, a buildup of dirt or dust in fan blades or the grill of your fan can mean that you are circulating dirty air. Cover up the whole unit with a cover and keep it dry. You are less likely to attract dirt and dust if you’re misting system is dry and cleaned regularly.

Leaks in your reservoir

Oh dear, that’s a common symptom of buying on the cheap even if you didn’t think you were. That’s a costly exercise to replace it but replace it you must, otherwise the whole cost efficiency argument is gone. Buy a quality misting fan and you won’t have issues with the quality of the reservoir. If you’re lucky you might be under warranty so that’s worth checking out.

Faulty control

Generally these types of repairs will require a repairman to attend. It’s not the sort of thing you can repair yourself and it might be something that you repair only once. After that, it’s probably best that you look for a quality replacement from Climate Australia because you could be throwing good money after bad.

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