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Unconventional Themes for a Destination Wedding

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Unconventional Themes for a Destination Wedding

Unconventional Themes for a Destination Wedding

When we arrange any function on any special occasion, we try to give it a touch of uniqueness to make it even more special. And what is more special than the day of your wedding? We are familiar with the idea of adding a theme to a program such as color theme where everyone has to wear cloth of the same color or masquerade theme where guests will be wearing masses.

Weddings too now are arranged in a certain theme to make it even more memorable. And the destination wedding increases the variety of themes to choose from. If you are lost in thought of, “how to plan my destination wedding to make it special?” add a theme that showcases the culture of your wedding venue. Here are some uncommon themes:

Salsa performance

Who does not like dancing? And even if you are not a pro at it, you definitely enjoy a good dance performance. So, on your big day, get some salsa dancers to perform for you. There are professional and amazing salsa dancers who can mesmerize you with the way they groove. People will surely love it and praise you for such a unique idea.

Local cuisine

Another great and easy idea every best destination wedding planner may suggest you is adding a local cuisine specialty. This can be done in a few varied ways. You may add food or drink item for which the place is known for or you may gift them a bag full of special tea, coffee or spices. It can be as simple as serving drinks in a coconut shell if the wedding is taking place on the seaside. Your guests are going to remember it for a really long time.

Dance with Fire

The indigenous people of some regions used to dance with fire as an accessory and that dance form was for their God of Fire. That art form has lived all along these years and in recent times, it is performed to entertain the guests and spectators. Such a performance at your wedding ceremony will blow your guests’ mind.

Drink station

Add a touch of the local culture by setting up a corner for the drinks. These drinks should be the popular ones or favorite ones of that particular place. It is great if you can take something that is found only in that particular region like Tequila is the best option if you are getting married in Mexico. The best destination wedding planner should come up with this amazing idea.

Drum band performance

A band always adds extra splendor to an occasion. It does not really matter if you are getting married inside the city or on some seashore, getting a steel drum band to perform on your wedding day is a great plan. The band performance to celebrate your special day of life will definitely be memorable for everyone.

Well, now you have got some amazing themes to go for to make the destination wedding extraordinary. Now get rid of the thought of “what special plan my destination wedding should have?”. Choose from these themes make your special day exceptional.

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