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Top-Rated Destinations to visit in Australia

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Top-Rated Destinations to visit in Australia

World’s largest island country, Australia is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Though the smallest continent, Australia is quite big on tourist destinations, amazing places to visit, things to do and other exciting experiences. The ‘Land down Under’ is known for the Great Barrier Reef-a natural wonder, scenic beaches leading to either Pacific Ocean or the Indian Ocean, lush forests, architecture, food, festivals, adventure sports, and many more thrills.

While natural beauty is above all the lure of Australia, it is the iconic sights that grab your attention. Now, the next question is the best places to visit in Australia. So, here is our list of the top-rated destinations to visit in Australia.


Bustling with energy, Sydney is among the best places to visit in Australia. Explore the heritage of thousands of years including records since the 1780s. In beauty, the city stands next to none. The scenic harbor overlooks the cerulean waters, where ferries are available for passengers enjoying the view of the famed Sydney Harbor Bridge and the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Fantastic beaches are just a short while away, especially the beautiful Bondi beach. Cultural activities including visiting museums, cinemas and events keep tourists busy. Also, not far behind are the adventure activities. Hike across the National parks surrounding the city or go cycling, kayaking and more.


Titled as Australia’s capital of culture, Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city with myriad charms. While exploring the art galleries and museums, gives you feel of history; the lively music scene and mouthwatering gastronomy offer a thrilling time. Named among the top destinations in Australia, it is the country’s second largest city appealing to all on holiday in Australia.

Owing to its amazing quality of life, tourists from around the world are enamored by its charm. Marvel at the architecture at the unique neighborhoods, you will experience the European charm. Walking tours, cycling trails, guided walks or food trails are some of the best things to do.

Great Barrier Reef

One of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the top destinations to visit in Australia. The largest coral reef system on earth is spread over 2,300 kilometers. Visible even from space, 900 islands are a part of the ecosystem of 2,900 individual reefs. The sheer beauty temps you to go exploring. Experience the underwater world with its limitless thrills with snorkeling and scuba diving. Also available are boat trips, kayaking, and even helicopter rides.

Savor the beauty of the turquoise waters. Pay a visit to the dolphins, sea turtles and fish inhabiting the reef. In fact, even watching the constant waves is a wonderful experience.

Gold Coast

If you are seeking an adventurous holiday in Australia, search no further and get yourself to the Gold Coast. With compelling white-sandy beaches and turquoise waters, the beauty is breathtaking as are the activities to indulge.

Gold Coast Hinterland is one of popular destinations in Australia.  Awe-inspiring exotic view makes you exhilarate in the short drive from beach with outstanding walking tracks in Queensland. One of favorite things about this earthly paradise destination is alike enjoying “Sunday Sesh” atmosphere of the day. The places to definitely check out are- Burleigh heads beach, Surfers Paradise Beach, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Coolangatta, Sea World, etc.

Magnetic Island

Striking and gorgeous, the Magnetic Island is among the popular places to visit in Australia.  The iconic island is frequented at numerous tourists across the globe spend their memorable time here.  Surroundings of forests, eucalypt landscape proffers ideal home for this unique ecosystem.

In addition, island is blessed with crystal clear views of sandy beaches, coral-fringed bays separated via strewn headlands. You should experience adventurous activities covering boat trips, water sports, golf expeditions, jet skiing, great fishing, horse riding and topless car in Magnetic Island. Idyllic highlights of this island- Picnic Bay, Nelly Bay, Arcadia, Horseshoe Bay and Great Barrier Reef.


Stylish and picturesque, Noosa Heads is one of compelling places to visit in Australia. The lively Aussie beach resort is in Southeast Queensland. The heavenly subtropical climate and palm-fringed beaches are two of area’s top draws. You must take advantage of unique experiences across Sunshine Coast covering charming attractions, theme parks, food tours and local activities. Moreover, you can also experience special events, festivals and school holiday programs around the region.

Crystal clear views of the glistening sea, golden sands, and surf breaks of turquoise are all exclusive experiences. In addition, experience hidden-gem things inclusion of- walkthrough bustling Hastings Street, boating. Feasting etc.

Margaret River

Explore hidden sights and magnificent scenery of Australia’s premium wine region. In fact, Margaret River is regarded as one of renowned Australian tourist destinations. You will surely enjoy bustling night town, fantastic foodie restaurants, wine bars, pubs and world-class music. Unique mouthwatering decadent food, popular wine, surfing, art and nature, surely enhances the thrill of the time you spend here.

You must try off-the-beaten cycling tracks and leisurely walks. While you can experience bliss of pristine nature, have a taste of the city delights cafes, gourmet, curiosity shops, boutiques, galleries etc.

Port Douglas

Regarded as one of best places to visit in Australia, Port Douglas is next on our list. Couples, singles, families and other tourists are inspired by superb natural attractions, unforgettable experience. Port Douglas is an enhancement to exhilarate in the magical world of Great Barrier Reef. You must try adventurous sports such as snorkeling, diving across crystal water etc.

Experience bliss indulging in peaceful nature, pamper yourself at luxurious spas, stroll along the four Mile Beach, or avail the other top notch services proffered there. Do not miss to enjoy the attractions of Four Mile Beach- funky bars and stylish cars that definitely will make you have a memorable experience.


If you seek to exhilarate in the colorful Marine Park, as well as the rugged Australian outback ranges, Exmouth must be visited on your holiday in Australia. Tourists across the globe come here to explore grandiose landscapes, Cape National Park and much more. It will definitely aspire for an unforgettable moments.

Come with your family to spend time awe-inspiring giants of sea, especially whale sharks, manta rays etc. Exmouth, one of the iconic places to visit in Australia is also an UNESCO World Heritage site. Ningaloo Reef, longest fringing reef in Australia is the well-known highlight of the iconic city. You must experience snorkelering for the ultimate thrill of your life.

Arlie Beach

You will surely get relief from stress by visiting breathtaking Arlie Beach, which is among the best tourist destinations in Australia.  During the day you will experience stunning views to a vibrant nightlife. It is an incredible spot for all your family member, couples, and singles to make your day amazing.

You can relax here by enjoying the peaceful nature of sumptuous surroundings. Therefore, ramble about boutiques, coffee shops and cafes included in the main street. At the end of the day treat yourself to mouthwatering foods including fresh fruits, vegetables, delicious sea food, and more.

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