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Tips to Quit Smoking – SIICP Bangalore

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Tips to Quit Smoking – SIICP Bangalore

If you have finally reached a point where you are ready to quit smoking, well done for making such a good decision! However, it’s not going to be easy as you will have to break your nicotine addiction.

Here are a few tips to stop smoking by making small changes to your lifestyle.

9 self-help tips to quit smoking

  1. Make a plan to stop smoking

Make a promise, pick a date and stick to it. Sticking to “ not to drag” rule would really help.

Whenever you find yourself in difficulty, just say to yourself “I won’t even have a single drag”, and stick with this until the cravings pass.

Think ahead twice where it might be difficult like in parties, plan your actions and escape in advance from smoking.

  1. Change your routine and avoid triggers

Have a look at your current routine and identify the times you smoke with a cup of coffee in the morning, or after meals. You will need to make changes to your daily routine and break those habits.

Avoid smokers or anything that would make you feel smoke, especially for the first few days of quit smoking.

  1. Wait it out – the craving will pass

The first few cravings will be really tough – your chest will feel tight, you’ll be more anxious, panicky and your brain may ask you to smoke as a cigarette will make you feel better.

Nicotine is what makes it so difficult for you to quit smoking. Your body wants the nicotine or nicotine patch that you’ve become dependent on.

But the good news is that cravings are time limited, they usually last 5 minutes whether you are smoking or not. So, find something that distracts you or makes a list of 5 minutes

  1. Stay Active

We all know that smoking causes damage to the lungs, which is why you might be winded after walking up stairs or gasping for breath after running to catch the bus. Now you have quit, get active- start walking more often and exercise the lungs. Besides, you could replace a bad habit with a good habit. Even a 5-minute walk or stretch, cuts cravings which may help your brain produce anti-craving chemicals.

  1. Remind yourself that it will get easier

The first few days after quitting smoking are the hardest – you will be definitely battle with cravings, you may feel nicotine withdrawal headaches, sore throat or even insomnia. But always keep reminding yourself that it will get better and keep on reading your list of reasons of why you decided to quit smoking.

Side effects are normal and will improve within a few days, and disappear within a few weeks.

  1. There is no such thing like “Just one” cigarette after you stop smoking

You may feel like you can handle just one cigarette during a special occasion or at a stressful time at work. If you do, you will find back in the trap in no time. Never think in terms of just one cigarette as there is no such thing after quitting smoking.

  1. Ditch your cigarettes

Don’t keep cigarettes near you or anywhere else in case of an emergency. If you do, it means you are overruling your decision. Non-smokers don’t need cigarettes in any situation. Already, you are a non-smoker the moment you put out your final cigarette. In fact, one of the many joys of being free is not having to worry about having cigarettes.

  1. Don’t neglect yourself

Early days of quitting smoking is a time when you should be taking extra care to make sure all of your physical needs are met.

Following tips will help you whether nicotine withdrawal more comfortably.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Your body needs good quality diet now as it works to flush the toxins from tobacco out of your system.
  • Get more rest
  • Nicotine withdrawal may leave you feeling fatigued for a few days or sometimes weeks. If you’re tired, don’t fight it. Sleep or rest more if you can.
  • Drink more water
  • Water is always a great quit aid. It helps you detox more quickly, by keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll feel better overall.
  • Take a daily multivitamin
  • Cigarettes deplete bodies of many nutrients, so give yourself the boost that a good multi-vitamin provides for the first few months of quitting smoking It will definitely help you regain your energy more quickly.
  1. Enjoy your freedom- Live a smoke-free life

Life will soon go back to normal as a non-smoker but be careful not fall back into the trap. The moments can be pleasurable after quitting smoking, Thus, always keep in a mind that “Because I didn’t like being a smoker, so I decided to become a non-smoker”. That is the way you can enjoy remaining a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

Quitting Smoking is a journey. Task it as a serious task and find what started out as a difficult task soon enough becomes an enjoyable challenge.


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