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Timex Sports Marathon Chronograph Dual Time Indiglo TW5K94600 Men’s Watch

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Timex Sports Marathon Chronograph Dual Time Indiglo TW5K94600 Men’s Watch

Timex Marathon TW5K94600 is a functional and attractive Gents watch from Digital collection. Case material is Stainless Steel and the LCD dial gives the watch that unique look. The features of the watch include (among others) a chronograph and date function as well as alarm. This model has got 50 metres water resistance – it can be submerged in water for periods, so can be used for swimming and fishing. It is not recommended for high impact water sports.

The best part is that the Timex Marathon TW5K94600 is more than just looks, the user interface is genuinely well-designed to be easy to operate and useful. All this needs to be taken in consideration with the reasonable price of the watch, as well as its pedigree. The watches both share the desire to go outside and rough it, are products are large high volume companies, as well as offer a bevy of major functions that include.), Thermometer, Logs for all major functions, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Two easy-view time zones. Aside from the major functions, there are lots of little functions incorporated to augment the user practice; bells that can be turned on and off, a useful night mode for the Indiglo backlight, among lots of other features which are attractive. The best part is that the boundary is friendly and relatively spontaneous. The biggest outcome of that work was the large informative display screen. A lot of good information is just a glance away – rather than having to cycle through display screens.

The default screen gives you the time in two ways (digital and [digital] analog), the temperature, the weather estimate (an image for sun, clouds, rain), and a switchable area that indicates the date and month, altimeter reading, or barometric pressure. Having this information right there is really helpful and nice to have. Timex has some graphics (sort of orange colored) on the back of the crystal that attempt to visually separate the areas on the LCD screen or add visuals.

The Timex Marathon TW5K94600 has rubber strap is quite snugly attached to the case with the now popular hex screws to help add style. You can almost think of these watches as being functional toys for adults – kids too, the buckle is thin and wide making it easy to strap on. Even on my less-than-giant hands, the instrument look of the Timex Sports Ironman Triathlon 10 Lap Indiglo Digital Men’s Watch is pretty neat looking. There are going to be a lot of people who are smitten by the accessible geek allure of this timepiece.

Bottom line: As the name suggests it is a marathon styled watch which functions as a runners watch too. A good sporty Mens Timex Watches with a cheap price tag. Certainly for those who would like to change style with time.

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