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The global economy has been overwhelmed with the extensive application of Big Data that is transforming businesses each day to drive utmost success. Furthermore, this is a clear indication of the fact that there is going to be a considerable elevation in the demand for professionals in the Big Data sphere.

As per the opinion put forward by the experts of this field, there will be around 2.7 million jobs in the space of big data and analytics by the year 2020. So basically, there will be an increase of 400,000 big data jobs from now to then. Which means that pursuing a big data career is the wisest thing a professional can do.

Moreover, with a demand as steep as this one, it is quite evident that the salary packages offered to big data professionals would be towering as well. Some companies are even eager to provide a six-figure compensation and offer perks beyond market standards in order to fetch the best talent and win the ongoing war of talent, according to a research carried out by Robert Half Technology (IT jobs website).

The recent advancements in the big data industry clearly indicate that any professional seeking a career in big data has to be well read and smart in every aspect. If you go through any of the top job sites, you will notice that the eligibility criterion for earning a big data job is distinctly high.

Nearly eighty-one percent of postings related to big data jobs mention a requirement of at least three years of experience and also a master’s degree in many cases. But do you know which kind of big data jobs offers the highest compensation? If not, here is your time to widen your knowledge through this article and make a smart move in your big data career.

  1. Data Analyst

Data Analyst is a high-in-demand position that requires you to deal with large sets of data and take out insights to support effective decision making in the business world. There is not one major industry today that is not offering data analyst jobs.

Moreover, it would be immensely gainful for someone to build a career in this line as it pays as much as $118,750 per annum to work as a data analyst.

  1. Database Administrator

The job profile of a database administrator is pretty intriguing as he or she is expected to monitor as well as optimize the performance of a database which usually gets hampered due to constantly high traffic. Furthermore, another part of their job responsibilities is to keep a smooth communication process going with the IT security professional in order to ensure the safety of data.

The maximum compensation for a data administrator can go as high as $148,500 which should be a great encouragement point for those who are planning to construct a career in big data.

  1. Database Developer

Database developers are primarily responsible for getting rid of unwanted coding issues that can curb the effects of diverse database processes. They basically tend to streamline and modernize database procedures by deeply analyzing them.

And, for troubleshooting along with debugging a company’s databases to remove performance issues, database developers earn around $161,500 annually.

  1. Data Scientist

The job position of a data scientist is quite a respectable one as they carry the burden of designing and constructing processes to support data mining, modeling as well as production. Apart from carrying out data studies along with product experiments, data scientists are required to build algorithms, custom analysis, predictive models and prototypes.

The job of a data scientist is one of the top paying jobs in the world of big data as it compensates nearly $163,500 per annum.


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