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The Special Key Features of Hamari Society

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The Special Key Features of Hamari Society

Hamari Society was introduced in 2018 by Mr. Manoj Kori and has its headquarters in Mumbai. The company works on a SaaS model. Its core is the centralized database of every feature of an apartment complex – flats, residents, vehicles, accounts, staff, assets, vendors, etc. Multiple features rotate around these databases.

The front end is an uncomplicated app in the hands of the residents. Different packages are available based on different specific necessities of an apartment complex.

Special Key Features

The ambitious edge of this applies in not one, but four important factors that its rivals find hard to copy, making it an important leader in the Housing Society Management System in Mumbai. Its USPs are:


The product is established with the ideology that every stakeholder in the Apartment Complex should be able to use the Product well. For each user group, we have unconnected apps/portals with different user experience ornamenting the user’s personal & utility requirements.

a) Residents of various backgrounds: The uncomplicated and attractive of this App. Every feature that’s on the portal is also available on the App.
b) Management Committee/Manager: The Manager/MC has a swift and easy Admin App, with exactly the features needed for swift admin work on the go.
c) Auditor/Accountant: The Accountant /MC have a Deep and understandable Portal. Top Auditors across India have been closing Society Books on this app for more than 1-year
d) Security Guards: The Security Guard uses the GateKeeper App for digitally filling data of all visitors, staff, water tankers, etc.


Hamari Society is the only company with devoted divisions growing a Quality Ecosystem of Accountants and Managers trained in this Society Management Apps in Mumbai and Apartment Management Best Practices. As a result, our Customers are always certified of continuous supply of trained resources who can operate the Data Entry or Facility Management utilizing their app.


This Online Society Management System in Mumbai innovates constantly to reveal highly practical Products for a Residential community. As we have done with Residential Social Networking and ERP, we are now affirmatively innovating the way Security works in a Residential Complex.

With 9 years of experience in the apartment management domain, our R&D Team is working on GateKeeper currently. Complete Visitor Management, Domestic Staff Management, Association Staff Attendance with Evidence, Smart ID for Residents/Staff, Panic Alert for Residents, Material In/Out tracking (e.g., Water Tanker/Diesel/ Pump for repair), Automatic Gate Pass Printing – every feature needed by modern Apartment Complexes for their Security is being custom-made by GateKeeper.


Since our inception in 2009, we have been on the journey of rising High (our motto) along with a creative user base. We notably but carefully confirm a 7+ year track record of hosting 5 Lakh HNI and Super HNI Users across 80 Indian cities, with zero complaints on Privacy and Security of Data.

Our standing as the best Partner for the Online Portal/App initiative of any Residential Complex is best shown by many of our existing customers.

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