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The Necessity for Hi-Tech Society Management Software in India

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The Necessity for Hi-Tech Society Management Software in India

Society management software is web-based software for various apartment complexes, villas and housing societies. This software enables to track income and expenses, chat updates over mobile, and email for controlling the security of a message communication on the internet. Hamari Society is one such app for apartment management which is friendly and successful with zero risks.

“Hamari society, a Society Management Application in Mumbai challenges complications by tracking all the mandatory information related to society. With their first-rate features, they warrant that everyone gets the value quality which meets everyone’s demands fruitfully and warrant satisfaction of sophisticated residents,” says a Mumbai resident.

This Apartment Maintenance Software in Mumbai places a strong importance on democratic processes such as involvement by all members in decision-making, sharing work and benefits equally.

“Through immediate notices & Circular, Forums, Society meeting management and event management, this Housing Society Management System in Mumbai help thousands of communities come adjacent and develop deep relationships,” says a local resident in Mumbai.

Hamari Society has been specially concentrated on social interaction to be “consequential”, positive, to go beyond an exterior level and be sustained. They have established the importance of positive interaction by empowering and advancing it through forums, notices, etc.

Society wants everything to be ideal when they invest in housing society software. They want all of the aspects which start from basic to difficult operations which consist of detailed research so that the services which society provides can be of top-notch standard.

Hence, Hamari Society app is piled with a variety of management operations so that society can take long-term decision that could have far-reaching impacts. They have an array of affluent and specially designed features that can make your society administration fast, efficient and automated.

This app provides community/apartment management app that comes along with facility management system, mobile apps on iOS and Android. Developers, Apartment Owners, Apartment Residents, Tenants, Property Managers, Vendors, Security Agency and neighborhood Service Providers can all welfare from this hyper-local centric solution. This is solution is free of cost.

Some of the features of the solution set include:

  • Property Management Software
  • Facility Management Software
  • Property Asset Management
  • Neighborhood Social Network
  • Property Helpdesk & Maintenance
  • Event Management in the property
  • Neighborhood Grocery Shopping
  • Property Security Management
  • Notice Board
  • Building Automation using iOT

Some high level features of the resident app include:

Receive real-time notifications about beneficial communications from Management Committee, Owners Association, Management Companies, etc.

– Have your own neighborhood social network

– Run fun polls, for entertainment, and business polls for forming opinion of all Apartment residents on issues.

– Track people visiting, staff, etc. and provide your visitors hassle-free access

– Track perpetuation dues in the app and make payments right from the app.

– Link to your neighborhood bodega and other services out of your pocket.

– Buy and sell pre-used stuff from/to your trusted neighbors

– Raise perpetuation tickets with your facility management team and track progress to closure.

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