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The Importance of Website Speed in 2019

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March 13, 2019
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The Importance of Website Speed in 2019

It’s not as if page load speed is a new phenomenon. Google have been promoting speed for nearly a decade. Remember co-founder Larry Page and his ambition to see web speed that’s as “fast as turning the pages of a magazine.”


Speed needs to be a priority in your website design for 2019 and probably beyond.It’s important that you know how to make web pages load faster. If your site is taking more than three seconds to load then there’s a good chance your prospective clients are probably gone and looking elsewhere. That’s all the effort of improving your ranking and running social media and adword campaigns down the drain. The worst thing is, it will probably be repeated unless you address it. Fast loading websites are king in 2019.


Mobile first design should be a priority so that means opting for clear, minimalist designs that aren’t heavy on content because they won’t take forever to load. Your audience above anything else, are wanting speed and excessive content including too many images on your website will be impacting on download times. Google are so committed to download speed that the time your website takes to load is now part of the criteria for SEO and much of that has to do with the preference for searching on mobile devices. That’s a compelling enough reason for why website speed is so important. There’s a definite correlation between website speed optimisation and SEO.


To get some perspective, the average loading time is 8.66 seconds but it varies from industry to industry or sector to sector. Interestingly, there is research that shows people are clicking off after three seconds so expectations are high and getting higher. Especially on mobile. For mobile devices, Google recommends a loading time of five seconds on 3G connections.


To help, Google have introduced an impact calculator so you can determine how your load speed is impacting on revenue. If you are below industry average then you can bet it’s quite a bit. So what should you do to fix it?


  • Go to the template or infrastructure of your site. It could be a template issue.
  • You might potentially be having server problems. The scripting language that you are using may be outdated which will explain why your site isn’t loading as efficiently as your competitors. The most common scripting language is PHP and the most up to date version is PHP7. It’s certainly worth looking into.
  • A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of geographically distributed servers and an effective way to increase your page load speed. A CDN can store or cache images, JavaScript files by retaining them in different server locations.
  • Use your cache more efficiently so you’re content is coming from storage rather than having to download each time you are requested. This saves valuable time.
  • Too many redirects can have an impact on your download speeds. Google recommends removing too many redirects because they waste time.


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