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The Benefits of Purchasing Ergonomic Office Chairs

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The Benefits of Purchasing Ergonomic Office Chairs

Do you sit all day? Many people do, which is relatively new in our world. For thousands of years, adults were constantly active- fishing, farming, hunting, walking, building, fighting, and so on. Today’s adults spend a majority of their day in an office chair. Scientists and doctors are now becoming more aware of the dangers that this change in lifestyle presents.


In sedentary work environments, ergonomic seating is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. That’s because employees who sit for long periods of time in demanding office environments face specific challenges that ergonomic chairs counteract. Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment, and it has led to major improvements in the design of office equipment and furniture. These chairs are able to make a dramatic difference in employee productivity and job satisfaction, as well as in business costs. This is particularly true if you find used office chairs in San Francisco that are ergonomic.


Ergonomic chairs conform to the body of the person sitting in them, support the spine and other bones, keep all joints and tissues in a natural position, and are customizable to fit the exact person sitting in it. Consider the following benefits:


#1 They reduce absenteeism. In a recent study, researchers found that ergonomic chairs reduced days off work by 75%. This reduction in sick days has to do with the workers feeling happier and healthier, not needing to take time off to go to the doctor, yoga class, or chiropractor.


#2 Workers are happier, more efficient, and more engaged. The same study showed the error rates dropped and time spent focusing on work increased in ergonomic chairs. This is due to the fact that the workers were comfortable and needed to get up and walk around or shift their posture less often.


#3 Workers were less stressed. Less sick days off and more time spent doing a good job at work, plus a boss that shows he or she cares about your health, all combine to a worker that is less stressed. This is great news for everyone!


#4 They aren’t expensive. With all of the health benefits, it would be easy to forget about the cost benefits as well. Particularly when you buy used office chairs in San Francisco, the hit to your budget is very minor. Beyond the cost of the chairs initially, less days off and more efficiency saves you money in the long run.


Did you know that 74% of workers say they experience pain at least once a week while sitting at their desk? That is way too high! Order ergonomic chairs for your office, and be sure to save as much money as possible by getting used office chairs in the San Francisco Bay area.


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