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The benefits of a commercial misting system

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The benefits of a commercial misting system

It’s the end of October, we’re well into Spring and already there are reports of extreme temperatures and the warnings that go with it like total fire bans and not being outside during the hottest times of the day.

Still, having been restricted by how much time we get to spend outside in winter, in spring and summer you are keen to make up for it. So finding a way to cope with the hot weather while still being able to spend time outside is a challenge. You can’t spend every waking moment in a pool and despite their popularity, only about 16% of Sydney homes have one.

So the best thing you can have to deal with the summer heat while still being able to spend loads of time outside is to invest in a misting system. And if you have an outdoor restaurant, function centre, bar or even a warehouse or factory and you want to make life comfortable for your customers and employees then you should install a commercial misting system.

Outdoor misters in Australia are the perfect cooling solution. If you have a business, especially a business that offers outdoor seating and you want to generate some great customer satisfaction then you should have one installed.

To substantiate the benefits beyond the very pleasant experience of having a very fine mist cool you down in hot weather, misting systems reduce the air temperature by as much as 25 degrees and they work really effectively to reduce the number of insects in the air, including dust mites and pollen which is really valuable to anybody who suffers from allergies.

The way they work is by using high pressure pumps to force water through very finely pierced nozzles for an extremely fine mist. These miniscule drops of water evaporate in the heat which is what causes the temperature to drop. Misting systems have an excellent reach. They can have a substantial effect on  large areas.

Other businesses that benefit from misting systems are stores that sell fresh produce. Spraying your shelves intermittently keeps your produce fresh. Greenhouses also benefit because misting systems increase the humidity for the benefit of plants but reduce the overall temperature to make it a more pleasant environment to work in.

Other benefits to business include the increased efficiency in places like warehouses and industry where air conditioning costs can impact your bottom line. And air conditioning in commercial premises especially, require high levels of maintenance for efficiency and cleanliness. If an air conditioning unit is unclean it can spread harmful germs which effects attendance and productivity.

A misting system shows your customers and staff that you care about their comfort and that is great for team morale and customer satisfaction. There are competitive advantages every time you do something that looks after the welfare of your staff and customers. It’s simple, it’s good business which is good culture and there’s every chance your competition are looking at the fine details in the same way that you are and that can pay dividends and win you business.

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