Breast cancer has become very common these days among women. But at present, treatment has become better. Also there has been a lot of ways to take precautions and prevent the disease.

Though there is a risk of breast cancer in every woman after a particular age, it can be easily avoided by taking a few extra steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Keep Weight in Check

It should be a lifelong goal for everyone that to stay in proper shape and health. Maintaining a healthy weight is very important because being obese and overweight can increase the risk of a lot of cancers and breast cancer is also not an exception. This mainly happens after menopause strikes on the body. So, one should be very careful about their weight post 50.

Be Physically Active

Lazing around does not help someone to maintain a healthy life. Having a habit of doing regular exercise can really help. Keep yourself physically active by doing exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. This can lower the risk of breast cancer. Also, doing regular exercise means one can also keep their body weight in check.

Don’t Smoke

Smokers do know that how unhealthy it is. They also know that they should quit it immediately. This can increase the rate of heart disease, cancers along with early wrinkles on your skin. So, no matter what, smoking is not a good idea. If you are smoke free, you have a better life.

Try and Avoid Alcohol

If you have a tendency of drinking alcohol, then you need to limit them right now. The more alcohol you intake, the more is the risk of developing breast cancer. There is a higher risk of drinking alcohol as well. But yes, you can always limit to an extent, may be one drink per day and not more than that.

Eat prominent amount of Fruits & Vegetables

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important when it comes to prevention of breast cancer. It is necessary to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables every day. Fresh fruits have lot of fibres and essential vitamins in them and green vegetables can make the immunity power strong of a human body.

Avoid Birth Control Pills especially after the age of 35

These days, women always try to go for birth control pills. It has certain advantages but some disadvantages as well. These pills can actually increase the risk of breast cancer. At the same time, it also increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. So, long term use of these pills is a strict no. You can use them for a short term if you really need it.


When one becomes a mother, breastfeeding their child for at least a year is very important. This lowers the risk of breast cancer and also it is of great health benefit for the child.

Go for a mammography if you see a lump on your breast. The breast cancer treatment cost in India completely depends on at what stage the disease is.



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