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Start a Writing Career With No Experience

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Start a Writing Career With No Experience

In many ways, becoming a writer and starting a writing career, is unlike any other career. Strictly speaking, you don’t require a university degree. Of course, some writers are eminently qualified in prose and literature, but to be a writer, reading other writers and life experience are just as important. If you persist with your skills or craft, you will overtime develop your own style and become compelling in your own way.


You don’t actually require any formal training to be a writer but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t view professional writing courses online as a valuable, craft building resource. Enrol in courses – online courses allow you to mix work and learning. That brings us back to the reasons why writing, as an occupation, is different to other professions.


As soon as you declare that you are a writer, you may be met by people who enquire about your experience and skill set. They can be skeptical because they don’t fully understand that writing is an acquired skill that like anything, needs to be honed. To identify courses that you have attended will give you a great deal of credibility. That and an ability to articulate your knowledge of the writing profession; another skill that you learn through professional writing courses online.


Don’t forget that you will need to market yourself, especially if you are a writer for businesses and other entities. To market yourself you need to believe in yourself and a strong background in writing specific courses will ensure that your talents are in demand.


Many people want to write but they lack objectivity and discipline. That’s not a reference to the discipline required to sit each day and write, although for many people that’s their biggest hurdle. It’s the discipline to be succinct and to write for the reader. That principle applies to creative and corporate writing.


For creative writers; novelists and writers of short stories, Online writing courses in Australia cover all genres as well as poetry. If you are specifically a writer of short stories then creative writing short courses online are a perfect way to enhance and build your skills.


For corporate or business writers, the skills are different and very nuanced. You need to be across all of the current trends that relate to digital and social media marketing, writing websites and writing annual reports. You will also write blogs and newsletters and that will require a fundamental knowledge of a broad range of industries. The landscape shifts rapidly in the corporate and business world. Enrolling in a writing course will help you to keep abreast of shifting trends.

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