The world is changing. Every gadget and utility item that we use now is becoming smarter by the day. From your mobile phones to your TV sets to your music systems, even your house lights. All these appliances and technological development is only for one purpose- to make your lives easier. And the latest addition to this is Smart Homes.

As the name suggests, smart homes are homes running on smart technology to better understand your needs and fulfil them without having to put much effort. They offer convenience, safety and comfort that isn’t possible with your traditional home set up. The best thing about smart homes is even if your home wasn’t set up to be a smart home at the time of construction, you can easily upgrade it and make it smarter. Dubai has some of the best home and office automation providers in the world and why not, it is one of the most rapidly developed cities that boasts some of the best infrastructures of the world.

Further, elaborating on the subject of smart homes, Technology has always been a key driving factor of evolution. Much of how we live and learn today is a gift from technology. Humans now have the power to communicate with anybody at any time without the restriction of physical proximity which seemed far fetched in the yesterday years. The same way our homes have evolved from mere brick and mortar shelters to something that protects us, understands us and is in our control at all times. Smart homes is the newest addition in the list of smart devices and once you get to know the benefits of it, you will not be able to resist yourself from getting one.

Smart homes offer a world of possibilities. They have numerous advantages over traditional homes and the best thing about them is the level of customisation they offer you. You can control all aspects of your home with just a click of a button from anywhere. Other features include –

  • Wireless security features
  • Wireless climate control
  • Wireless lighting control
  • Selective access
  • Personalisation
  • Wireless surveillance
  • Smart electricity saving
  • Central hub for controlling all device
  • Centralised internet and telephony
  • Emergency services

Getting a smart home allows

  • Getting real time notifications for security alerts, reminders, temperature control, video clips and anything that you might need.
  • Control over all aspects of your home and its appliances such as door locks, lighting, music system, projection, curtains, temperature control and other electrical appliances and utility items.
  • Allows selective access for your loved ones. With smart homes you have the power to control which person gets what access. You can set different passcodes for different areas of your house and get notified whenever someone accesses them. Smart homes will offers user control like nothing other. You can also give temporary access to your pet sitters and delivery boys.


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