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Prioritize Features For Your Mobile App MVP | Agicent

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March 14, 2019
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March 14, 2019

Prioritize Features For Your Mobile App MVP | Agicent

Minimum viable product, usually abbreviated as MVP is an important aspect of mobile app development. It is used to identify the highest — risk assumptions about the app and then validate or invalidate them, providing an immediate value. It allows the app development companies to understand how the target audience will react to the app and whether the purpose for which it was created is being met, allowing the app development company to plan and prioritize the app’s development. While developing an app, it is important for the app development company to identify what the minimum viable product goal is and select features that help to reach the goal. This can be achieved through the following steps:

Establish Product Vision And Strategic Goals

Product design and discovery is the first step of the MVP process. During this step the app company will develop a strategy regarding what the MVP is expected to accomplish, why it is required to be accomplished and for whom. This helps to support the end-product goals with the vision that the app companies started out with, while building the app. This can be done by listing features that match the product’s vision, the problem it will address, the audience it targets and the significance it will bring to the market. This will help to identify the main functionalities for the MVP and establish product goals which should be high-level and linked to a key performance indicator such as customer satisfaction, upsell new services, increase lifetime value and so on.

Prioritizing Features in a Mobile App MVP

The second step for app development companies is to prioritize features for the app they are developing by determining the most troubling problem users face and how the app’s functionality will resolve that problem. This can be done by creating a list of all the features that the client wants the app to have. These features can then be organized and prioritized. The number of features being prioritized should be limited and the focus should be on features that are required to market the app. The remaining features can be eventually added to the app. The MoSCoW matrix can be used to determine which features need to be prioritized. MoSCoW stands for must, should, could, and won’t and helps to decide which features have to absolutely come first, which can be accommodated later and which can be taken out all together. Prioritizing features is crucial to keep to a timeline, budget and meet goals effectively.

Adjusting Your Plan Post-MVP

Formulating a plan is essential for changes to be made with time, share app development companies. Once the app MVP is launched, user feedback should be gathered and changes made based on the key performance indicators for the product regarding what needs to be improved, what is being done well, track user behavior and so on. It is important to define the primary key performance indicators at the earliest, share app companies, as it helps to determine which areas to focus upon to improve future variations of the app. The key primary indicators to be chosen will depend on the stage of the product, industry and type of product.

Organize Next Steps Into Themes

According to app companies, the next step is to organize deliverables according themes, which are groups of similar features and initiatives the help the user accomplish a particular task. This will help to communicate the purpose to the users and stakeholders. The advantage is that it allows for features to be added or taken out of themes without affecting the entire strategy.

MVPs help to plan the various stages of app development before and after its launch. They help to gather information about the app and plan the way ahead.

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