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Present Day Catering & Latest Food Trends Of 2018 Wedding

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Present Day Catering & Latest Food Trends Of 2018 Wedding

It’s great to incorporate the latest ideas in a wedding ceremony. But do you have any idea on how to do it?

Being a modern bride and groom, you should always focus on following the latest trend when it comes to wedding. To achieve this, you need to hire a company that has the ability to integrate progressive trends in the wedding party. If you are in the Greenwich area of Connecticut you can surely find some great and modern catering companies that can fulfill the tasks.

Brunch food

One of the latest trends in 2018 is the brunch food. This trend has come to prominence as wedding ceremonies during the day is cheaper comparing to late afternoon or night. It has been seen that people doing breakfast in dinner. Therefore, you can also arrange a breakfast-brunch in a boozing theme with mimosas, bloody marys and omelets. The food arrangements not only become delicious but are also very cost effective. Brunch food with attractive themes can be arranged by hiring the best catering service in your area.

Fresh food

People nowadays love tasting organic foods especially which are locally available. Therefore, you can include the choices of fresh veggies and fruits to make the menu delectable yet modern. It is a great idea through which you can bring the feeling of hometown in the wedding ceremony. The ingredients can be anything from fresh foods like meats and cheese to give a new perspective to the catering services and buffets.

Replacing food in the cocktail hour

This idea is generally done in a form of display like chef shucking oysters, waiter making guacamole or a bartender muddling drinks. With this, you can revive the cocktail hour along with providing delicious foods for hungry guests.

Food trucks

When it comes to modern wedding, food trucks cannot be spared. It creates a look of street foods which also provides an excellent and surprising gourmet options. In the recent days more food trucks are incorporated rather than the plain sitting arrangements. Make sure that the food trucks come periodically so that the guests can enjoy their specific dishes.

Theme tables

Theme tables are a great option when it comes to wedding food, especially at buffets. There are different types of themes that can be incorporated in the wedding ceremony. A simple salt can be categorized into chocolate caramel salt, bacon salt and many. You can also try a bacon table for the ultimate quirkiness and fun.

Therefore, if you want to try these latest trends in your wedding ceremony be sure to consult with the catering service to reach the utmost perfection in the party.

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