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Organic and Natural Mosquito Repellant

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Organic and Natural Mosquito Repellant

Various substances like smoke, tar, mud, oils derived from plants, etc., are used to repel mosquitoes but they are not very effective. Hence manufactured mosquito repellents are the best option against the pesky little insects. Most of the mosquito repellents contain a very harmful chemical substance called DEET which has adverse effects on human beings such as severe epidermal reactions, agitation, aggression, low blood pressure, etc.

The Best Mosquito Repellent would be a HERBAL & ORGANIC one and one such product is “STINGSHOT”, manufactured by Osolin Research Laboratories.

Osolin Research Laboratories is a purely home-grown Indian company, which wholeheartedly reflects the ideals of environmental and individual wellness. Osolin constantly works to achieve this through their range of eco-friendly body/skin care, home care, farm care and construction products – which also have applications in various other fields too. Osolin facilitates to lead an Environmental Friendly and a Safe Living.

Their product STINGSHOT is an effective Organic Indoor Mosquito Repellent which is available in 2 variants – Indoor Mosquito Repellent Spray as well as Mosquito Repellent Body Spray.

Following are a few Benefits of StingShot:

  • This product is processed from natural hill-grown plant resins and extracts as per the ayurvedic study of herbs and natural forest resources and is non-toxic and non-poisonous to human beings, animals and birds.
  • StingShot, when sprayed, directly on mosquitoes, gives instant results.
  • StingShot doesn’t have any hazardous effects even if accidentally consumed by Infants or anyone else.  The product is 100% SAFE to use.

For more product information check out the link: Osolin Organics

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