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Mumbai residents go flamboyant with Society Management Software

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November 23, 2018
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November 23, 2018

Mumbai residents go flamboyant with Society Management Software

The old society’s notice board on the ground floor, informing the residents about the “Sunday meeting”, may soon be a thing of the past with housing societies going online to manage their day-to-day affairs.

Housing societies in Mumbai are selecting for services of society management software, Mumbai for facilities like instant communication, tracking pending payments of flat owners and tenants, and above all the liquidity factor, keeping all the residents in the loop.

The Rudra Towers, which rises 20 floors in Tardeo, is among the growing band of smart societies which do paperless in-house operations and communications. So does the modest Mihir Housing Society in Mulund, indicating how the trend is emerging.

“Just as our societies are getting smarter, with better function of transport like the Metro, then why not opt for Society Management Apps in Mumbai? We have an online system called the “Hamari Society” where maintenance collections are a piece of cake,” said a resident of opulent Rudra Towers.

Ankit Seth of Mihir Housing Society added: “It is not just the high-class societies that are choosing for baroque features. Our society of 30 flats and 15 shops has also accepted to the services of Hamari Society to manage our habitual work at a minimal cost.”

Andheri-based Ashok Towers, which is among the tallest skyscrapers in the city, going up to 50 levels, also has a customized Housing Society Management System in Mumbai, for the benefits of its residents. “The society laws, bylaws can now easily be contemplated by one and all in our complex. It’s much superior and smarter than the earlier tech mode at Google groups,” said a society member, Bharat Shah.

Sandip Singh, former chairperson of the Prithvi Complex in Powai, which has over 20 flats, annexed that while making the monotonous housing society work seamless, most of the residents can also keep track of the CCTV shots and the visitors coming to their premises. “This in fact guides towards the security features too,” added Singh.

Besides the online messaging and liquidity, the system has also made it easier for residents to vote online on proposals raised in a housing complex. “Our society committee in Andheri had decided to manage a flashy rain dance for the entertainment of its members.  However, some residents quickly deflated the idea, as that would lead to overuse of water wastage and add to deafening noise pollution. So, the rain dance plan was immediately cancelled,” recalled a flat owner who did not want his name to be mentioned.

Advantages of housing society software:

  • Online services, self-help portal, smooth and easy integration with SMS, Email or other social media platform.
  • Online payment module
  • Automation of various accounting operations
  • 100% accuracy due to strict reunion systems
  • Expandability and pliability of computer-based systems
  • Multiple data entry points to lessen the workload

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