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London football tickets are the most expensive in the world

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London football tickets are the most expensive in the world

Football tickets in London are the most expensive in the world, no questions asked.

It was most definitely not a cheap hobby to buy football tickets at London clubs in the English Football League during the 2017-18 season, with prices totalling up to be as high as ever before.

Six Premier League teams, four Championship teams, two League One teams, and one League Two team were based in the country’s capital for the last campaign and charged a range of prices across all four divisions.

Box Office Events analyse the key figures behind the prices of football tickets in London and examines why watching a team in the lower leagues does not necessarily mean your football tickets are going to be cheaper, and of course how this city charges the most in the whole world.

Arsenal aren’t just the most expensive team to watch in London, but the most expensive team to buy football tickets for in England. You have to pay at least £891 to buy a season ticket at the Emirates Stadium, with some having to spend £1768.50 on the most expensive seat for the whole season.

In terms of season tickets, it isn’t much cheaper to get your football tickets at North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, with the cheapest totalling up to £645 and the dearest £1700. Some also have to pay over £1000 at Chelsea (£1250) and West Ham United (£1155), however, The Hammers offer the cheapest season tickets at £289.

The remaining London club in the Premier League, Crystal Palace offer season tickets for between £420 and £740, the third cheapest option behind West Ham and Watford (£403) to experience the terrific Selhurst Park atmosphere. Chelsea’s cheapest season ticket is a hefty £750, while their cheapest single football tickets are priced at £47 – the most expensive for a London club.

Despite Arsenal’s pricey season tickets, their cheapest single football tickets (£26) actually cost less than both Watford’s (£36) and Crystal Palace’s (£27), and Tottenham provide the cheapest in the top-flight at just £20. Meanwhile, Watford may price their single football tickets the highest but offer their most expensive for just £6 more at £42.

You have to pay up £95.50 to buy football tickets at the most privileged parts of the Emirates to watch Arsenal, and it’s not much more feasible at Chelsea with the lowest at £47 and highest price £87. It’s £80 to watch West Ham play at the London Stadium for some, but the club do charge a fair amount for their cheapest football tickets (£25).

Onto the Championship, where there are less London clubs involved but certainly not a humongous gap as far as football tickets go. Newly-promoted Premier League club Fulham priced their most expensive season ticket at £929 in the 2017-18 season, but the cheapest is lower than all top-flight sides at £254.

The other three – Brentford (£499), Millwall (514) and Queens Park Rangers (674) – all charge over £499 for their dearest season tickets, with the latter’s almost being the same as Watford’s despite finishing 16th in the Championship last season.

No London-based Championship team charges more than £400 (Queens Park Rangers) for a season ticket though and sell single football tickets from just £20. Brentford and Fulham do the same while QPR, once again, charge higher at £23. Fulham’s most expensive football tickets at £50 match Crystal Palace’s and are higher than Watford.

There’s only two London clubs in League One – AFC Wimbledon and Charlton Athletic – and the prices are surprisingly not much lower than in the higher divisions. Wimbledon charge £475 for their most expensive season tickets but £275 for their cheapest, more than now-Premier League Fulham.

However, Wimbledon offer the cheapest football tickets in London in the whole of the football league – £17 for the least expensive and just £24 for the best seats in the house. Charlton meanwhile charge a staggering £500 for their most expensive season tickets, yet off the cheapest season tickets in the football league at £175.

You can pay just £19 to claim a single football ticket at Charlton, but some have to pay up to £34 to get their seat at The Valley. Barnet, the only London team left in League Two, charge up to £432 for season tickets and £25 for single football tickets.

In conclusion, it’s fair to say it isn’t a cheap day out wherever you go and watch football in London, so if you’re looking to watch football at a cheaper price you may be better off heading… well, anywhere but London.

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