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Johannesburg and Soweto Tour- Way to full experience of South Africa

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Johannesburg and Soweto Tour- Way to full experience of South Africa

The Johannesburg City and Soweto Tour gives one the full experience of South Africa at a cost-effective manner.

The township of Soweto in Johannesburg has turned out to be one of the must-visit places in South Africa. Stuffed with activities thus much inconceivable history, in the event that you are making a stop in Johannesburg and need the “full” South African experience, at that point, you can’t miss the Johannesburg and Soweto Tour organized by us at Atamela Tours.

Reasons to select our Johannesburg City and Soweto Tour

The main aim of our Johannesburg and Soweto Tour is to build a bridge between Africans, white South Africans and visitors alike through cultural tour packages.

Our tours are different from other guided tours or sightseeing holidays. The Johannesburg City and Soweto Tour will expose you to our beautiful weather, breath-taking views, and historical landmarks. In addition, we will give you the cultural encounter of a lifetime, exposing you to the heart of our diverse culture and its people. The focus of our tours is bringing people together and making it possible for them to learn from each other.

The Johannesburg and Soweto Tour to enjoy

We organize various tours, which will help you to have the perfect feel of South Africa. It would be great to know about some of the tours so that you can have such a feel.

Johannesburg tour: Our two-Day’s Tour begins with an in-depth visit to Sandton and Alexandra, the richest and poorest sections of the city. Riding through the opulence of Sandton, you will see how the most well to do residents live. As you leave, you will immediately enter Alexandra, called “Alex” by the residents.

Johannesburg and Soweto Tour: Meet your guide and cultural tourism specialist, and
drive towards Johannesburg city, we make a stop at Mueller stadium; from there we have a perfect bird’s eye view of the skylines and the fascinating story of how and when Johannesburg started in 1886 with a brief history up to the present day. We proceed for our lunch giving you an opportunity to witness our Indian counterparts and to sample their cuisine.

An African Night Remember: Johannesburg is the entertainment capital of the country and its eclectic music scene. Enjoy the unique and typical African street music, then dinner at a prime restaurant offering live music, before attending a concert of your choice during our Johannesburg and Soweto Tour. Choose from a list of performers and a date or enjoy a nightclub or restaurant with live music and dancing.

Therefore, when you desire to have such an experience giving you an in-depth knowledge regarding the culture and diversities of South Africa you need to contact us at Atamela Tours dialing +27 (0) 81 267 3337.

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