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How To Find Best Bloggers Community in India

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How To Find Best Bloggers Community in India

when I first started blogging, I had no idea that there were certain types of communities of blogging  that served as places of networking, promotion, and most importantly, friendships. It is definitely I wish I knew about when I first started out. Today,  i will be going in-depth explaining that how to find your best blogging community.

  1. Establish Your Niche of Blog

Before start finding best blogging community according to you, you need to establish your main focus as a blogger first. Do you know what is your Blog;s niche? What are topics you are about to write? Which type of audience you want to target? With whom might you want to collaborate ? These are key questions to get figured out the best  blogging communities you are searching.

  1. Do Research

The next step is that you already know of. Do you have a family member or friend  who is a top bloggers in india and is connected to the blogging world? Ask them, if they have any other choice as to where to get connected.There are tons and tons of different blogging Facebook groups out there, but being honest, not all them i think will help you get connected or grow. This is why you have got to do some digging before joining some blogging Facebook groups.

  1. Things To Remember In A Blogging Facebook Community

 I have already mentioned, you shouldn’t join  every blogging community out there. some useful things you should look when you are wanting to get connected with a community or group:

  • Niche: Large number of facebook group don’t have niche, but there are some out there. It’s all about that which type of group you want to get connected . I will recommend you to getting plugged into a few general blogging groups like indian travel bloggers, this way you have diversity, which can only help you grow more!

  • Size Of The Group: Communities of blogging come in all shapes and sizes. This is why it is  important to think about what size you’re looking for in blogging communities. I used to think that the bigger is better, but in all reality, in terms of blogging groups  bigger is not better at all. Blogging groups like are typically focused on promotion alone, which is dangerous in larger Facebook groups. Why? Because not everyone keeps link for promotion. It’s sad, but true. This is why I recommend joining Facebook groups like food bloggers india that have a smaller number of members. In my opinion, I would say 3000-3500 is the max of a group where you can get genuine engagement with everyone following through.
  • Date of Founded On: Facebook groups are usually primarily for promotion purposes, which is not bad or good thing. You should know the date of founding of that community.
  • Admins With Good Leadership Qualities:

Groups of Facebook always have an admin or admins. Personally, I think it is always smart to have a team of admins running a Facebook group. You should look for that type of groups that have admins who have proper leadership qualities. I am not saying look for the group with the admins who’ve been blogging the longest but I am saying to look for the groups where the admins are committed, understanding, respectful, passionate, kind, and motivational. Look for admins who set the right example of best blogs in india .

Dedicated Members:

You should look for groups that have members who are authentic and genuine. You should be a part of groups where the members take their time and actually read your posts, instead of spamming and leaving a bad comment. You should be a part of a community of bloggers who are dedicated and passionate.


IndiBlogHub is a platform for Indian bloggers to connect with each other, showcase their blogs and be a part of Indian blogging community  like food bloggers india, travel blogs india etc.

So many blogging beginners  ask for advice, and the number one thing I tell them to do right away when they start blogging is to get connected. After getting connected with other bloggers is essential for many reasons, but most importantly, because everyone needs community.

Many  blogging communities are hosted through groups on Facebook. It is  pretty much genius and the only reason why Facebook is of use to us bloggers.

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