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How to extend your carpets’ life with pets at home?

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March 13, 2019
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March 14, 2019

How to extend your carpets’ life with pets at home?

Having pets at home might be a source of great joy for you, but it could also be detrimental for the life of carpets installed at home. Especially if your pets are shedding hair frequently, it will not only result in more dirt and debris gathering in your carpets, but also allergens that could cause serious health concerns for you and your family. Pets are also quite likely to urinate and emit other foul smelling substances from time to time, which could easily cause formation of stains and molds on the carpets, which would be quite difficult to remove if these stains are not treated in time.

That’s why; ensuring proper pet carpet cleaning at home assumes great significance, if you really want your carpets to have a longer life span. But before you do that, you should also look at some cool tips given underneath, which will give you invaluable insights on extending the life span of your carpets.

  1. Choose the material of your carpets carefully

When buying carpets, it would be advisable to choose the fabric carefully. If you want the carpets to last long, then going for a material like nylon would be ideal, which would definitely last much longer than materials such as polyester or cotton. Another key benefit that you could derive from choosing a material like nylon is ease of washing. This is primarily because a nylon carpet would weigh less during washing due to no water retention quality, and you wouldn’t think twice about throwing it in the wash tub for home carpet cleaning or pet urine removal.

  1. Vacuum clean your carpets regularly

Regular vacuuming of carpets is crucial not only for pet odor removal but also for keeping the carpets free of hair and bugs, which most pets are known to shed regularly throughout the year. Because if these debris are allowed to settle on a carpet’s surface for long, they will ultimately get stuck to the fabric and become a magnet for more dust and debris as a consequence. When you are vacuum cleaning the carpets, please make sure to run multiple passes over those areas that experience the highest foot falls any given day. But if you have a high power cleaner at home, then you won’t have to sweat that hard and only a few passes in the problem areas should do the trick. However, when it comes to cleaning pet stains and odor caused due to urination and vomiting by pets, your best option would be to go for a wet wash instead.

  1. Use rugs in carpet areas that experience highest foot falls

Using rugs and mats can be a very smart move to protect the most vulnerable areas of your carpets that experience maximum activity throughout the day. This will not only protect the fabric of your carpets, but also keep their exposed areas stain free as well. And once you have covered the most exposed areas of your carpets by either rugs or mats, you won’t have to worry about cleaning pet urine out of carpet anymore. You will only need to clean that piece of rug where the urine is spilled, which would be far less cumbersome than cleaning the whole carpet.

  1. Address all urine spills and sticky substances immediately

One of the most important mantras of keeping your carpets stain free is to address all urine and other liquid spills immediately the moment they happen. Any delay in addressing such spills would only allow the spilled substance to seep deeper and ultimately get absorbed into the fabric of your carpets. That’s why; it is crucial that you don’t put off cleaning the spill for a later time and address it immediately. If the stain looks darker and deeper, then you can also use white vinegar with water in equal parts to remove the stain in a hurry. The same thing applies to urine spills as well, which would also take care of any deodorizing for pet odor that you might need later on.

  1. Taking care of your pets is equally important

In your effort to extend the life of carpets at home, you should not overlook an equally important aspect, which is to keep your pets clean and healthy and train them well to follow a timely routine. While you can hire pet cleaning service to take care of your pets’ hygiene, but training them to behave would need personal attention.

So now that you know what you need to do to keep your carpets squeaky clean year after year, you can either handle it DIY or get the best pet carpet cleaning company on board to take care of your carpets in the best possible way.

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