Choosing dress to go to a wedding depends on four important factors. You will most likely find the information about it in the wedding invitation. We refer to  whether it is day or night, the label that the bride expects for that day and the time of year. Here are the rules:

One of the first things the bride will let you know is whether the celebration is day or night. For this depends on the amount of accessories and type of fabric you select. This is the easiest way to guide you to choose military ball short dresses.

At Daytime

Avoid the black at all costs. It is said that black never goes wrong; However, if the wedding is daytime and in a garden, light colors are preferred. I assure you that 80% of the party guests will wear light colors. In addition, with black you will suffer a frightening heat, which results in many more problems.

Look for better light colors or bright and lively colors. In case you want to use a dark color, you can opt for a beautiful navy blue or a print in neutral colors.

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As for the materials, opt for drapes and vaporous fabrics that will make you look very beautiful. Tell her not to the very striking jewelry and the glitter. Avoid dresses that have a lot of rhinestones, those are better for the night.

At Night

Contrary to the day dresses, for parties of night you can use shiny fabrics, with precious stones or accessories. Evening dresses can be the color you like most, even dark or combined, with lace and subtle necklines. It is preferable that you have your hair collected.

The Label

It is usually included in the invitation. Here are the most common tag codes.

Tag or gala: Wear a long dress, not three quarters or short. This applies to small girls and be careful not to see your feet.

Formal: A short dress to the knee or suit tailor with sack and skirt or trousers. Always shoes with medium or high heels.

Formal Evening: Short Cocktail Dress; That is to say, more of party, either by the fabric or by its adornments.

Cocktail: It is an elegant short dress, shoes with a medium or high heel.

Formal Beach: A beautiful short or long dress in flowing and vaporous fabrics. They can be printed with floral motifs. It is best to wear them with high-heeled sandals.

And for any other type of strange dress code, such as bohemian chic or chic hippie, it is best to call the bride’s mom and ask her what she means.

Other Factors To Consider

Season: Consider the time of the year as the climate greatly influences the comfort or lack of it during the ceremony. If you prepare for the heat or for the cold, you shall spend a pleasant time at the ceremony.

Body Type: It is very important that in addition to following these rules of etiquette you select the attire that suits your body well. Look for our article of dress types.

Proper Underwear: You need to wear underwear that does not interfere with the dress. In short, it should not be noticed.

To shelter you: After choosing a dress like elegant military ball gowns, you should think about what you will wear to shelter you. Preventive woman is worth two. The best will be a scarf for the day or a stylish coat or stole for the night.



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