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How are boarding schools like in real life?

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October 4, 2018
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How are boarding schools like in real life?

So you’re probably doing your boarding school research right now and in your mind, you have a perception that is driven by the impression you have of boarding schools you read in books like A Separate Peace and The Catcher in the Rye. Boarding schools have been represented in a lot of movies as well and while all of them are very entertaining, they take place in settings that are actually very different from what you will see today. All these stories are very entertaining till they become something you have to live and you wonder if you are suited for this life.

 You’re scared because the books you’ve read and the movies you’ve seen paint a picture which shows how boarding schools mean the end of all fun and games. It’s a time that represents the winter of every girl/boy’s adolescent discontent and is a place where parents send their children if they are not up to the mark. Here parents drop their children and then pick them up after 9 months. Here they let the teachers, the schoolmaster and the warden worry about what happened to their children.

Boarding schools are not all that scary

However, if you look beyond this mythical land that has been painted so inaccurately, you’ll find that most students living in best day boarding schools in india willingly pack their bags to leave for their school and are in touch with their parents every day. The admissions have also become extremely competitive as the reach of these boarding schools has gone further into public high schools than before.

If you thought that it’s just the universities and colleges that have grown and evolved so much in the recent years then you need to look at boarding schools as well. If you thought that a boarding school life was living like a monk, having formal dinners, taking cold showers and going to the church daily has paved the way for interdorm dances and contemporary ecumenism. Even though the perception of boarding schools is slowly changing, there are many lingering myths here and there that can make you feel like boarding school is the wrong choice for you.

The biggest myth associated with boarding schools

One of those myths is, only the wealthy can afford a boarding school: You will be surprised to know that a given approximate of ⅓ of most boarding school students receive some sort of scholarship or financial aid. This aid grant represents a very significant portion of the tuition fee depending on how your family’s situation is and how many funds does the school have. Earlier boarding schools were a little exclusive but now the students here come from all walks of life and a wide range of income levels. Boarding schools work hard to make their programs accessible to each and every student because a lot of the bright minds don’t reside in the richest of homes. This is why most affordable boarding schools in india have loan programmes and merit-based awards. All this combined has made boarding schools extremely affordable.

If you look at the demographics,  families that now send their children to boarding schools represent a wider range of diversity in terms of socioeconomic backing and ethnicity. However, boarding schools still place an increased emphasis on the personal growth of the students.

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