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Four Car Problems That Will Make You Pull over Your Car

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Four Car Problems That Will Make You Pull over Your Car

Any roadside car issue can be a headache. Wheels were rolling perfectly and suddenly your car comes to a halt. That’s stressful. You have to deal with it unless a roadside assistance provider comes and rescues you and your vehicle. Most of the times a car causes troubles when you are driving. Anyway, your car is not going to budge an inch. Just pull it over. In case you can set it right, it is good for you. Otherwise, find a reliable roadside assistance provider and make a call. You can count on a licensed towing company for roadside assistance in Seattle. In this article, we have covered some common problems that will make you pull over your car.

Your car has started making strange and loud noises

Most of the times, it is some piece of debris making these strange and loud noises. If you find that there is some debris attached to the vehicle, don’t worry. If not, there is something wrong with the engine of the car. See it as a major issue and call a roadside assistance provider.

Weird auto handling

If steering wheel of the car starts misbehaving then pull over immediately. If the steering wheel is wobbling, moving on its own, getting way too loose or getting stuck, stop driving. This is dangerous. While it may be due to the strange road texture, there can be some serious problems as well such as broken tire or wheel.            

Steam or smoking

Take it very seriously if you see steam or smoke coming out of the car. Something is seriously wrong. Maybe the cooling system has stopped working or it is malfunctioning. This will overheat and cause serious damage to the engine. Smoke means the engine is on fire. Pull over your car immediately.

Oil/temperature problems

In case you find that the temperature or oil check lights are turning on the dashboard, pull over and call Seattle towing company offering roadside assistance. Temperature light turned on is indicating that the engine is overheated. There is some issue with the coolant. This can cause some damage to the car. Oil light turned on is indicating that the oil pressure is dropped. This is not good for the engine of your car. Pull over to avoid any danger.

Check Engine lights turn on

In case you find check engine light illuminated, pull over and check the engine of your car. This might indicate a minor issue like missing cap of the gas holder. Or, there might be a serious issue. Don’t take chance. Pull over and call a roadside assistance services provider.   

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