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Factors to Consider When Choosing Dedicated Game Server Hosting

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Dedicated Game Server Hosting

When you are looking for dedicated game server hosting plans you will need to look at many parameters. Your journey starts by deciding on the kind of game server you want from a variety of hosting options like hybrid hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. The decision is usually taken depending on the kind of game you will be hosting, the numbers of players participating in the game, and of course, your budget. While cloud servers and hybrid servers are perfect when you want to play the game with a few friends and you do not have much money to spare.

Dedicated game server hosting is usually the preferred choice when you are planning on offering game servers to clients or when you plan on hosting a server for many players. Since you will be using the server exclusively for your own use, you are sure to get the best gaming performance. There are some things however which you must take into account when buying dedicated game server hosting plans:

  • One of the first things that you must consider are CPU needs. The CPU needs are likely to be different for different games. Low CPU cores at high clock speeds will be best suited since most games do not spread resources effectively between multiple cores.  There are certain games which use hyper threading and here you can use many processors. You must consult the site of the game developer to find out whether the game in question supports multi-threading.
  • It is also important to find out about network routes before deciding on a dedicated game server hosting provider. Game servers have to be always hosted on excellent networking routes and when your network port speed is high, performance is superior. So, your provider should ideally make use of the best network carriers in every data center. Ideally, the data centers should be connected to all Tier I providers and this will guarantee that the game is online, regardless of what happens.
  • You will also have to find out what kind of bandwidth and networking speed the dedicated game servers will need. This will help you choose the best possible bandwidth plan. Most games tell you the bandwidth estimate for a player and this can help you decide on the total amount of bandwidth you will need. The provider should also have the capacity to upgrade the bandwidth later on if need be.
  • To select a hard drive for your dedicated game server hosting, you must choose only SSDs or Solid State Drives. These can guarantee blazing fast timing and reduced loading time for the games. RAID will also provide for a better gaming experience because it heightens performances and adds redundancy when there are disk failures.
  • When choosing dedicated game server hosting you must also ensure that the server is protected against DDoS attacks. Here, the botnets target servers to take them offline by flooding these with innumerable queries and requests. So, you must add DDoS protection to game hosting solutions to maintain high level of performance.
  • Since games are likely to have varying performance requirements you must check documents available to be sure you have the right processors for the job. For any game, speed and performance are most crucial to prevent disruptions due to latency. So, it is important that your gaming server is equipped with superior quality hardware and SSDs and it is hosted on a rock solid infrastructure with Tier I providers. Gamepedia’s Minecraft Wiki for instance needs about 512 MB-2 GB RAM. It is also advisable to select servers with Intel Core or an equivalent CPU because sufficient processing power is a must-have for smooth gaming.
  • When you choose dedicated game server hosting, you will also have to consider the cost factor. Any host which cannot prevent frequent disruptions is not going to be popular. Uptime statistics can be obtained from many websites and hosts which offer lesser than 99% uptime must be avoided.
  • Finally, games are so engrossing that gamers will only be keen to play the games, and not be bothered about administering the game servers. Game servers should therefore have features like auto updates, single click installation for software, variety of control panels for easy administration etc. The leading game hosting providers will also be able to guarantee round-the-clock supports from their staff. So, you must choose a provider which can continuously monitor the services since games will run even during weekends and night hours.

These are some of the important things one must look into when buying dedicated game server hosting solutions. You need a provider which can give you custom-built servers which are secure and reliable. These should be made with industry-leading hardware and contain SSDs. The network bandwidth should be impressive and the provider must have tie-ups with all leading network providers.

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