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Effective Ways to Elevate Mood When You’re Feeling Down

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Effective Ways to Elevate Mood When You’re Feeling Down

We all get the blues from time to time. Sometimes the reasons are obvious and sometimes they’re not. One of the symptoms can be lethargy. It’s hard to find the motivation to do something about it. If that’s the case, it’s not a bad idea to start out with something simple and build on it.

A problem shared  … The first place to start is to pick up the phone and chat to a friend. Talking to others about our feelings is a great start. Being in your own thought process is very isolating so a conversation, if only to acknowledge that your down, brings you out of your isolation and back into circulation. One of the affirming feelings after such a conversation is the knowledge that you are not alone. We all get the blues so everybody can relate to it.

Easy does it. Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals that you aren’t sure you can achieve. Going to the gym everyday is a huge undertaking and achievable for only a few. It might be that you have to settle for a 30 minute walk every other day and build on that.

Keep it simple. Go back to doing the things that you’ve always found pleasure in. That may be anything from your favourite pastime, reading a book, going to the movies or taking a stroll. Any physical exercise is wonderful if you are feeling down.

Be positive and grateful. There are always things that we can feel good about and grateful for. Feeling down can minimise the importance of some of the wonderful and fulfilling things in our lives. Don’t lose sight of them. Write them down if you need to and keep doing it. As the fog lifts you might see more than you did before and that might help to stave of the blues for next time.

Do something different. You might be stuck and you might need to try something that you haven’t tried before. There are loads of life affirming programs, courses, activities and therapies to try. There’s bound to be one that fits into your schedule and suits your lifestyle.

Cryotherapy is one of those. Cryo exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period of time to increase production of the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin and decrease the release of the stress hormone cortisol.  It provides a safe and natural way of boosting mood and decreasing stress symptoms.

A whole body cryotherapy treatment in Sydney as part of your fitness and wellbeing routine, can reduce depression and anxiety for some people while others consider it to be a significant mood booster which is enhanced by a series of cryo treatments.

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