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Driving in the Snow with the Suzuki Jimny Cape Town

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Driving in the Snow with the Suzuki Jimny Cape Town

Driving in the Snow with the Suzuki Jimny Cape Town

The Suzuki Jimny, despite its rather outdated demeanour, has proved to be a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts who appreciate simplicity. The nifty little Jimny is equipped with all the basics for a great afternoon on the dirt road and is a significant role-player in the 4×4 community nationwide. Whatever the weather, the Jimny is ready for the road. We looked at how the Jimny handled the recent snowfall in the Western Cape and put together some pointers for your next drive out into icy terrains.

The New Suzuki Jimny

The current Suzuki Jimny is the same generation that was released over 10 years ago in 1997. There is a new Jimny in the pipeline but its release is only set for later this year. The changes are subtle, but essential as they breathe some much-needed life into the design and technology on offer. One of the things that kept the Jimny in production all these years was the fact that the car has the potential for some radical customisation. You will very rarely find a stock version of the Suzuki Jimny in Cape Town or anywhere else for that matter. Off-road enthusiasts love that they can go to town with modifications and add-ons without breaking the bank. The Suzuki Jimny’s low price and affordable customisation options contribute to its consistent popularity.

Suzuki Jimny tough in Western Cape snow

While it doesn’t snow every other day in Cape Town, the recent spike in snowfall around the Western Cape got a lot of people on the road, missioning to the likes of Ceres, Worchester and Matroonsberg for the perfect snow angel selfie. For off-roaders, the snow presents an opportunity for adventure and the choice of vehicle contributes to the experience in a massive way. Tough but basic, the Suzuki Jimny will likely spring to mind when considering an expedition of this nature. The Jimny offers an affordable all-wheel drive alternative to the larger, more advanced SUV’s on the market.

Helping others in Cold Snowy Days in the Western Cape

The Suzuki Jimny’s rugged persona helps it soldier through the snow whilst ensuring the driver an epic time. Before you take the little guy out for a spin though, be sure to take a look at our pointers below.

  • Make sure your headlines are on to ensure visibility at all times.
  • Give your car a decent amount of time to warm up. Five to six minutes usually does the trick.
  • Ensure you have at least 3mm of tread on your tyres.
  • Prepare for all eventualities by keeping a bag of essentials on hand. The Jimny doesn’t have copious amounts of space so bear this in mind when packing. Your essentials bag should contain the following: Jumper cables, a torch (with extra batteries), an ice scraper, a shovel, a first aid kit, food and most importantly a fully charged cell phone. Oh, and some food!
  • Keep your driving style smooth, avoiding sudden acceleration, braking or even turning.
  • If you are facing trouble with tyre grip, avoid accelerating. If you’re in a manual, staying in 2nd is usually a good way to gain grip.
  • When braking, adopt a more gentle approach and use your gears to slow the car down.
  • Sliding is not the end of the world so don’t panic! Keep your cool and focus on straightening your steering to enable your tyres to regain grip.
  • Remember to have fun!

The Jimny fares well in snowy conditions and remains stable on a whole range of uneven surfaces. Its also worth noting that snowfall in this region is rather mild, with snow settling mostly on the mountain peaks during the year. The pointers above are worth noting for snow driving regardless of severity and they apply to any reasonable 4-wheel drive chassis.


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