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Does Your Restaurant Really Need A Liquor License

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Does Your Restaurant Really Need A Liquor License


In case you’re perusing this article, you’re likely either opening another eatery or contemplating adding liquor to your menu. We wager you’re pondering about a liquor license and the costs required for your eatery. You may even be making the inquiry, “Does my eatery truly require one?”

The response to that inquiry is yes, in the event that you intend to offer liquor, your eatery needs a liquor license. Before you can set up your eatery bar, you have to examine your nearby liquor laws as they change by state. At that point, you’ll require a liquor license. You can’t offer one drink without it. We should take a gander at the means included and examine the intricate details of your eatery liquor license.

Step by step instructions to Get a Liquor License

You need to connect with your state’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) organization. They are accountable for your liquor license. Here are a portion of the things they’ll let you know:

  • What sorts of liquor you can offer.
  • What hours you can offer it.
  • Your impediments.
  • The capabilities you should need to get a liquor license.
  • The cost of your liquor license.

You’ll see that the laws shift between urban areas, regions and states. Try not to expect it’s the same crosswise over state lines or even area lines. Get to know the laws previously pushing ahead. We need to emphasize that you can’t legitimately offer liquor without a license. It’s a smart thought to apply for your liquor license when you can in light of the fact that it may take a while. The application procedure can take up to multi year to finish.

This is particularly valid if your state has a liquor license share. This implies they just give away a set number contingent upon the populace. You may look into any quantities previously renting or building your eatery space.

The Qualifications You Need

Once more, the capabilities for getting a liquor license fluctuate, yet huge numbers of them have comparative necessities. They are as per the following:

  • You should be 21. You can just offer liquor in case you’re mature enough to drink it.
  • Here and there you’ll experience residency necessities meaning you need to live some place for 90 days before applying for the license.
  • On the off chance that you have a criminal record, the chances of you getting a liquor license are thin.
  • Get a dealer’s allow from your State Department of Revenue first.
  • You’ll frequently need to take a mindful drink server instructional class before you get your license.

The Types of Liquor Licenses

You’ll keep running over a few unique sorts of licenses. These are typically composed by the sort of liquor you’ll serve and the kind of foundation serving it. With the end goal of your eatery, you can take a gander at a few sorts:

  • Investigate the alternatives of a 3.2% lager license.
  • Search for a brew and wine license.
  • You can look at the mix bar license in the event that you need to offer lager, wine and liquor.
  • Eateries can search for authorization to offer brew, wine and liquor for open utilization.


As a rule, a standard eatery license enables you to offer brew, wine and liquor as long as the returns don’t surpass over 40% of your aggregate income. You may locate the measure of your eatery influences this license.

In case you’re a bar that offers nourishment, you’ll take a gander at the bar license. This is for places that offer sustenance, yet spend significant time in drinks. It for the most part costs in excess of a standard eatery license.

The Costs of a Restaurant Liquor License

The cost of liquor licenses fluctuates generally from city to city. For instance, in New Mexico, liquor licenses have sold for as much as $975,000, and they normal between $300,000-600,000. Contrast this with Colorado where the most costly liquor licenses cost under $2,500.

Why the surprising expense of liquor licenses in a few states? A few states have quantities for the quantity of licenses sold per the number of inhabitants. In these states, licenses are frequently sold in an auxiliary market, making them more costly.

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