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Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Celebration at Home

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Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Celebration at Home

Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Celebration at Home

New Year is only few days apart, and it is time to start making the preparations for the celebration. If you are planning a part for friends and family at your home, you would want to leave no stone unturned in making it the best celebration. For making the celebration memorable, you would need to come up with decoration ideas that make your house beautiful and impressive for guests.

Here’s a look at some of the party decoration ideas for New Year’s:

1. Hangings
You can make use of silver/ golden craft papers or take some gift wrapping papers for making the hangings. Cut these papers in circles and stick them to a cart sheet. Now stick them on a string and tie them across the house near entrance, windows, stairs, and from ceilings.

2. Paper lanterns
You can make some DIY paper lanterns in white and red colour and place LED light inside each lantern. These lanterns when hang from ceiling, instantly lights up the room and give a party feel immediately.

  • Lightings
    When it comes to New Year part décor, you would need ample lighting options. You can also place fairy lights on table, chairs, near windows, and warp them on your stairs. This would give a spectacular look to your house at night. You can also buy party dots in bulk and stick them on tables, gifts, flower vase, New Year Gifts, balloons, walls, and anywhere you like. These dots are small in size and battery operated but offer beautiful colourful light which adds the charm of your decoration. These party dots can be ordered online at affordable pieces.
  • Dinner Table
    You can also make your dinner table impressive for the guests coming over for New Year’s party by placing candles and flower vase at the table. You can warps the chairs with sparkle ribbons as they come with LED lights and make your dinning space look attractive.
  • Balloons
    Balloons are an essential part of any celebration. You can pick a variety of balloons such as the helium balloons, confetti balloons, or regular balloons. If you have a theme based party, choose the balloons in same colours so that they are in sync with the theme. If there is no specific theme, you can go with confetti balloons are they will add sparkle to your happening décor.
  • Wine glasses
    You can make use of wine glasses other than drinking wine also. You can put some ball-shaped ornaments or bronze thermocol balls in the class to signify the rising bubbles in the glass of champagne.
  • Tissue paper pom poms
    Make colourful pom poms from tissue papers and hand them from ceiling. They would appear as if they are floating in air if you make use a thin white or beige string for hanging them.

Silver and white balloons
If you don’t have a lot of time for party arrangements, simply putting silver and golden balloons in the room will also make the décor simple yet impressive.

These are some of the great décor ideas for New Year. The décor lights and balloons can be easily ordered online at affordable prices in bulk.

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