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Cleaning Sandstone at Home – How to Do it the Right Way

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Cleaning Sandstone at Home – How to Do it the Right Way

Sandstone when it’s kept clean and as close to its natural colour as possible is an exquisite stone. Of course, it’s highly porous and therefore very prone to absorbing lots of water and therefore discolouring. It’s great to vacuum your sandstone, yes that’s right vacuum it, to remove any build up of dirt and dust because if it absorbs water with dirt then discolouration is likely. After a vacuum then you should wash it down with a cloth. Once that happens, if you want to restore it to its former glory then that will require a professional sandstone cleaner for sandstone cleaning and stone restoration.


For spot cleaning you should use a soft cloth with water but always avoid using harsh chemicals.A string mop with a soft cleaner is good for getting into hard to reach spots and crevices. Never use cleaners that contain acid (bathroom, grout or tub cleaners), ammonia, bleach or vinegar, or alkaline cleaners not formulated for that type of stone. Stay away from dry, abrasive cleaners that would scratch the stone.


Calcareous sandstone, should be cleaned by washing it with an alkaline cleaner whereas other sandstones should be washed with a hydrofluoric acid-based cleaner. For both types of stone and for both processes, this should be done only by an experienced contractor.


Of course, having your sandstone cleaned professionally is a great idea anyway. Pressure and Steam Sandstone cleaning services in Sydney use a special chemical for sandstone and we are fully equipped and prepared to clean your sandstone and remove any unsightly stains. If necessary we can provide our pressure cleaning services. Once we’ve gone through the cleaning process we seal the sandstone to avoid a build up of unsightly stains and to avoid further discolouration.

Whether it’s around the house, on the roof or going over the sandstone. A change of season is when to start cleaning but how to start is usually the harder question. Getting rid of stuff to start with, and then employ a house cleaning service or organising some carpet cleaning, washing or even sandstone cleaning in Sydney. Contact Pressure and Steam for a thorough Spring clean and all of your cleaning requirements.

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