Can You Start A Tanning Salon In Tulsa With No Money?

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June 28, 2018
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Tulsa Tanning Salon

So you want to start a tanning business in Tulsa but you have no capital. Hopefully, you have a little experience. Here, we are giving you a quick business plan overview and some marketing ideas to help you get started.

Why do you want to open a Tulsa tanning salon?

The tanning salon business is growing at an alarming rate and it makes complete sense to start a business now. It can be fun and lucrative if you are talented in this trade. You certainly don’t need a huge capital but you cannot start empty handed. You need to make some solid plans and proper marketing strategies. Then you can build a salon from one of the many outlets in Tulsa.

What you need

First comes some capital for purchasing or leasing suitable facilities. You cannot open a salon without working tools. Some furniture and a TV would be great additions too. You need extra capital to buy the initial supplies, meet utility bills, and pay the workers for the first 2 or 3 months. This is what is called working capital.

Niches you can specialize in

Within the tanning industry, there are various niches as listed below. You can also choose to have them under one roof.

  • Sunless tanning
  • Retailing tanning products
  • Spray-on tanning
  • UV tanning
  • Complementary services e.g. fitness center, hairdressing, and beauty parlor
  • Body contour tanning
  • Airbrush tanning

Starting from Scratch versus franchising

If you want to start a good business, consider purchasing a franchise of a well-established salon. Starting from scratch is more challenging though less expensive. A successful franchise can give quicker returns but you should be ready with sufficient capital.

To build your own brand like the famous Tanning Salons Tulsa, you must prove your worth. This means starting from scratch. The reality is beginning from scratch pays in the long run but you should do thorough market research and feasibility studies before picking a location for building your brand.

Regardless of the competition in your area, you can promote your Tulsa Tanning Salon as long as you do your due diligence. Be good at what you do and deliver impeccable customer service to attract more clients. Don’t be intimidated by renowned Tanning Salons in Tulsa. They also started small and you too can grow bigger.

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