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Best Ways to ease Child’s Constipation – SIICP Hospital

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Best Ways to ease Child’s Constipation – SIICP Hospital

Constipation is quite common that affects many children which cause hard and infrequent poops. The symptoms of constipation can also be like the loss of appetite, illness, abdominal cramps, and severe pain. However, sometimes constipation in children is temporary but can also be chronic as well.

Treatment for child’s constipation usually involves optimizing diet, developing good bowel habits, and occasionally using stool softeners. Treatment needs to be continued for a few months, to be effective.

  • Diet
    Give your child two to three serves of fruits or vegetables, whole grains, and beans each day to help the body anything that is stuck. Make sure that your child is taking 4 ounces of Prune juice, or pear juice and drinking enough water to help relieve constipation. Also, lower the amount of dairy intake of your child until the bowel movement returns to normal.
  • Physical Exercise
    Encourage your child to exercise more and be physically active. Get your child to run and increase physical activity to get things moving. Establish your child’s regular toilet routine to pass a poo, and properly empty their rectum.
  • Stool Softeners
    If your child’s poo is very hard, you will most likely need to soften the stools. Use softeners and laxatives that increase the fiber in the gut. These softeners literally work to just loosen and soften the poop.
  • Eat more Fiber

Getting enough fiber in the diet is crucial for people who are constipated. This is because, more fiber intake increases           the consistency of bowel movements, making easier to pass stools.

Try eating high fiber foods such as bananas, prunes, berries to treat mild cases of constipation. Include plenty of                  vegetables, fruits and whole grains to prevent constipation.

  • Drink adequate water

Regular dehydration is the most common cause of constipation. To prevent this, drink  enough water, fluids and                  stay  hydrated. Drinking more water helps food in moving  through the digestive system and stops hard stools.


If your child’s constipation is still norm after all these changes, the case could be more severe and suffering from chronic constipation. Don’t worry, consult experts for toddler constipation who will help you and give better advice.

If constipation is left untreated it can lead to health complications such as hemorrhoids or rectal prolapse. If the above home remedies don’t work or you find yourself chronically constipated, talk to your doctor for better treatment

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