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Best productivity tools for an app startup.

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Best productivity tools for an app startup.

With apps gaining immense popularity, many people are launching or investing in app ideas, an industry with expected revenue in billions every year. However, in business, productivity is what determines success. For an app business startup to be successful and stay ahead of the competition, it needs to be productive. There are many tools that exist which can help to improve productivity. Described below, are some


For many app startup just starting out, determining the number of personnel and the amount of space required for them can be very challenging. GoCo.io is a platform that can easily be used for human resources work as it connects the data to the cloud, streamlines the process of various areas such as managing employees, uses time-tracking, performance, administration and document management, compliance, payrolls, software management and so on without having to rely on paperwork.


Hiring the right employees for your app startup is obviously important but the process can be challenging involving reference and employment checks to pre-hire skill tests. Goodhire is a tool that helps an employer get the requisite information in less than 24 hours.


Managing finances sensibly is crucial for emerging app business startups. Gusto is an online tool that can be used for making the tax benefits and payroll process easier by handling reporting for new hires, tax filing, emailing pay stubs to employees, etc.


Each app business startup functions according to its own unique business model which can result in a lot of paperwork, especially between doing the task and getting paid for it. Freshbooks helps to care of the paperwork by creating invoices, setting up recurring invoices for clients, expense –tracking, report generation, profit and loss statements and so on.


Customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of an app business startup and the key to it lies in good and effective customer communication. Using a combination of education, live chat, etc., Intercom helps a startup to engage and interact with its customers.


Occasionally an app startup may need to hire someone temporarily, for just one project or for a short duration. Upwork helps app business startups to find independent contractors and freelancers to help complete the project. It also provides a review, bidding and reference system to ensure that you hire the right person for the job.


Customers are important to the success of an app startup as they are the reason for apps being created. The competition to find and win customers is tough. SalesLoft helps app business startups to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your salespersons with features like emails and integrated tools and so on.


For owners of app startup that utilize many devices to do their work, Pushover helps to consolidate, connect and coordinate the push messages for all your devices in one common place, allowing you to handle everything with ease.

A growing app business startup will always be trying to do things correctly, effectively and as quickly as possible. The tools described above can provide the help needed for your business to succeed.

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