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Best Places to Eat in Chicago

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November 1, 2018
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November 2, 2018

Best Places to Eat in Chicago

Along with the mesmerizing architecture Chicago has to offer,it also has quite a reputation for the food available here. This city has it all when it comes to all-out binges. With some of the most “difficult-to-get-a-reservation restaurants” to street food, Chicago has lip-smacking food options available for everyone. Chicago’s insane barbecue scene with juicy, saucy ribs, its pan pizzas, the famous Fat Rice chef’s Chinese-Portuguese cuisine – you have much to explore. Book cheap tickets to Chicago for a foodie holiday. Here is a small list of places where you can have a lovely meal.

  • Owen & Engine. This gastropod is located at Logan Square in Chicago. This pub has English interiors and fish and chips to rival the British pubs from across the pond. This place offers the best burgers in Chicago along with other American food and cocktail options. The seating and ambiance is quite sophisticated but not overwhelming.6365513595_dc4dac02d9_b
  • Mi TocayaAntojería. This is a Mexican diner at the Logan Square and since Chicago has the second largest Mexican population in America,there are plenty more of Mexican eateries. This place is special though. It offers small portion dishes with a spectacular approach from its celebrity chef who is not afraid to experiment. You should definitely check this place if you like Mexican cuisine.33312261910_6b657f32bb_k
  • Lula Café. This place is a local favorite and usually has waiting lines for brunches and dinner. They use local produce and are a farm to table kind of an eatery. The dishes available here are quite creative and leave you astounded with impeccable taste and flavors.7458201690_b54bb7bf0b_b
  • Pequod’s Pizza. This is one place that is a must visit for any pizza lover,and who does not love pizza. This place offers some of the best pizzas that are quite unique because of the way they are made. Their signature pizzas are the ones with the cheese crust baked and caramelized to give a burnt look. The different textures are just mouthwatering and make you come back for more.3424829488_6c8a9279e6_b
  • Bang Bang Pie Shop. It is definitely the biggest pie spot in Chicago. They serve some of the best pies you are ever going to taste. It is because of these pies that the rest of the food and beverages offered here go unnoticed. The other items offered here are equally good and are quite under the radar because of the stars the pies are.28372762673_b348fe2faf_k
  • This is a small casual restaurant from a beloved Chicago chef,Jason Vincent. This place might be small but do not get fooled by its size as it is one of the best places to eat in Chicago. The pastas, waffle fries and fried uni shooter are some of the local favorite. Get a reservation well in advance otherwise you do not stand a chance of getting a seat here.27900450680_982787681a_k

These are just a few of the great places to eat in Chicago. Get your cheap flight tickets to Chicago to fulfill your cravings. You can easily find cheap flights to Chicago by asking your local tour operator to book you the cheapest flight tickets to Chicago.

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