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All That Hubspot Shopping Cart Integration Can Do For You

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All That Hubspot Shopping Cart Integration Can Do For You


When running an online business, how can you compete with big fishes like Zappos, Amazon, and eBay? You should aim at creating a user-friendly website experience plus a continuous customer engagement approach with automated payment, and data content. You can start with inbound e-commerce strategies to keep your business on top with prospective clients so they always pick you when they want to buy anything you offer. Check out how Hubspot Stirpe can promote your online store with a shopping cart.


Nurturing your abandoned cart

Many cart software can send a simple, neglected cart autoresponder. However, Hubspot cart allows you to create a series of autonomous and personalized emails with the Hubspot cart information. To achieve this, you have to create a fostering workflow based on form submission or contact property of the integration. For instance, there is an abandoned cart indicator in HubShop.ly and an abandoned cart in the EYEMAGINE. To execute the workflow, ensure that these items are in order.

  • The nurturing emails you need to include in the series to compel the cart abandoners to buy
  • The shopping data available from the integration
  • A mind map of the workflow progress including the enrollment criteria

Nurturing workflow

One way you can improve your brand’s value proposition is by enrolling new clients in a welcome series of emails. This is a simple follow up for promoting your website content, giving repurchase offers, as well as increasing your social media following.

You can do this with a nurturing workflow, which you can also create in the same way as the abandoned cart workflow, but with different contact properties of the shopping car integration of clients who have recently bought it. Also, consider sending emails to your contacts one or two hours after the prospects have viewed the product page. This can be made easier by creating a nurturing workflow for enrolling contacts based on specific page views and non-purchase of the past contact property value. First, send emails to promote your products and include incentives to encourage the coming back of the prospects.

If a client has a single order on contact record after 3 to 6 months, you may enroll them into the workflow. Send them messages that will drive them to repurchase. This is what we call repurchasing of nurturing workflow. Base your enrollment criteria on the clients’ last order date and the number of orders.

You can use HubSpot credit card payments to nurture your most important clients with special offers. Call them out with their VIP status and give them more secrets. The idea is to have them coming back.


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