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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Extrusions

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Extrusions

If you need to have rubber extrusions made for your company, it is imperative that you do business with one of the top rubber extrusions manufacturers. That way, you have confidence the finished product will meet your specific needs. Although this type of part or component works incredibly well for many applications, there are some disadvantages as well.

Advantages of Rubber Extrusions

Tooling Cost – A significant advantage is the reduced cost of tooling. Void of an injection process or a transfer cycle, the need for tooling decreases dramatically. That means a rubber extrusions manufacturer can pass the savings on to the customer, making the extrusions service more affordable.

Imperfections – Again, without passing through different barriers, this process significantly decreases the risk of cosmetic imperfections.

Runs – Unlike some of the other manufacturing processes using rubber, a key advantage is the fact that a rubber extrusions manufacturer can complete small runs. Therefore, if you need only a few parts or components, this process is ideal.

Part Size – Along with smaller and more intricate parts and components, the extrusions process is ideal for creating larger products. In this case, the material goes directly into the mold cavity, which removes any weight limitations of the finished product.

Waste Material – If you prefer eco-friendly solutions, you will appreciate the extrusion process. Because the rubber goes directly into the mold, meaning it does not pass through gates, sprues, or runners, there is less wasted material.

Disadvantages of Rubber Extrusions

Labor – Along with automated methods used by the best rubber extrusions manufacturers are semi-automatic processes, including compression molding. Instead of the machine doing all the work, an expert remains involved with the different phases. Because of that, labor costs increase, which has an impact on the price you pay for a finished product.

Waste Material – Although the top rubber extrusion manufacturers have experts who operate the machinery, if you hire the wrong company, there is a chance of seeing more material wasted. In this case, the operator might overfill the mold cavity. This is yet another reason why it is so important to work with a reputable rubber extrusions manufacturer.

Guaranteed Precision

For an extrusion process you can trust, RPM will not disappoint. We utilize state-of-the-art machinery and have a team of highly skilled experts on staff. As a leader among rubber extrusions manufacturers, and a customer-centric company, our goal is to provide exceptional service at an affordable price. In addition to extrusions made from quality rubber, we offer a host of additional services. We invite you to visit our website or call to speak with a representative today.

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