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8 Unexplored Places to Visit in Manali Packages from Mumbai

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8 Unexplored Places to Visit in Manali Packages from Mumbai

Kullu Manali, famously known as the adventure hub of India, is among the most popular places in India where people come for enjoying their vacations, or for pilgrimage, honeymoon or group tours.

Manali has abundant places that you can visit for fun and enjoyment. Adventure enthusiasts can head to Solang Valley to participate in amateur skiing, zorbing, or paragliding. Even though all the tourist destinations in Manali are worth visiting, there are some places which take you away from the swarming travelers where you can yourself explore the hilly areas without any disturbances. Here is a list of such unexplored places in Manali which you can include in your Shimla Manali package from Mumbai:

#Babeli Natural Park

Visiting Babeli is a unique experience as you get a moment away from the busy city life where you can simply sit in the lap of nature to enjoy the chirping of the birds and the gushing water of the mighty river Beas. Although it escapes the attention of travel agents and they don’t include it in almost all of the Kullu Manali tour packages, Babeli is a perfect spot for river rafting.


It is among the well-known places in Manali, as it has the famous Naggar Castle, the Roerich art gallery, and various ancient temples. Once you successfully avoid these places, you will be able to see the true beauty of Naggar. The views of River Beas, snow-clad mountains, and other small villages sooth the mind and body, as you feel deeply connected to nature.

#Old Manali

After roaming the Old Manali town filled with hippie vibes, you must go to the Manaslu Nala and arrange necessary fishing equipment to indulge yourself in angling.

#Hallan Valley

One of the best places to visit in Manali for solace, Hallan Valley has nothing but apple orchards, paddy fields, and majestic mountains. The place is fascinating as it has no eating joints and guest houses for travellers. Hallan Valley is the epitome of simplicity and, it is a must-visit place if you want to experience the ways of the rustic life.


Tourists only stop here when they fail to reach Rohtang Pass. Nevertheless, it is the best place in Manali to enjoy the snow without much people around. The off-beat nature of this place adds to the lush green landscape of Gulaba.


Habitable only during the summer season, Sethan is a small hamlet with predominant Buddhist culture. The views of the enchanting Dhauladhar ranges which surround Sethan are unique in themselves. Sethan is an off-beat place adequate for both summer and winter adventure activities.

#Chintamani Chakra

Chintamani Chakra, the life-sized Buddhist prayer wheel, is not far away from the famous pilgrimage destination called Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple. When you visit the Chintamani Chakra, you should also recite the famous Buddhist chant “Om Mani Padme Hum”. It is a must visit place for those searching for spirituality.

#Arjun Gufa

Located near Prini village, Arjun Gufa is famous due to its connections with the mighty Mahabharata warrior, Arjun. You can meditate in the mythologically significant temple and achieve peace of mind.

Hence, while planning the Manali packages from Mumbai, you should not only plan to visit the famous places but must look out for the unexplored ones too.

kullu manali
kullu manali
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