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6 Things to Make Sure Your Home Inspector Looks For Before Closing

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6 Things to Make Sure Your Home Inspector Looks For Before Closing

Buying a house is so exciting! Yet, it is also quite nerve wracking as well. This is a big commitment, you are promising to pay for and take care of this house for the next thirty years. Many people don’t end up staying in one house for thirty years, but the prospect of trying to eventually resell this house actually makes the state of the building more important, not less. You could be stuck either living in or trying to sell a house with major problems, and neither one of those are what you want. That is precisely why you need to make sure everything is perfect, or in the process of getting fixed, before you sign on the dotted line.


This is why a home inspection is almost always done before the closing date. For a mortgage loan, your lender will require an inspection. If you are paying in cash, you don’t have to have a home inspection, but it is still very much recommended. That is because you don’t really know what you are looking for in the way a professional inspector does. He or she will be on the lookout for:


#1 Mold. Mold and even mildew stains scare buyers, and for good reason! You likely won’t need to or want to put in a top offer if mold and mildew are present. Even if the mold in your soon-to-be house is the normal variety, treat it and address the source of the problem. If it comes up in the home inspection, you might even demand professional mold remediation, to save yourself the cost of doing it once the home is yours.


#2 Dampness. You can often smell if an area is too moist. Home inspectors will look closely at the basement, crawl spaces, walls, and floors for patches of mildew and signs of dampness. He or she might use a meter to determine how much moisture is present in these spaces because moisture deteriorates building materials and attracts insects.


#3 Asbestos. Yes, homes in our area can and do still have asbestos. If the house you are about to buy was built several decades ago, it is quite possible that it does. If you then need to remodel the home because if its age, you will upset the asbestos and cause a very dangerous situation for everyone. The inspector will find this deadly threat and hopefully recommend a company for asbestos insulation removal in Bloomfield, MI before you actually close on the home.


#4 Plumbing Issues. The inspector will check water pressure by turning on multiple faucets and flushing toilets at the same time. He or she will also make sure the septic tank is in proper working order, and there are no leaks on any major pipeline.


#5 Electrical Problems. Just like asbestos insulation board removal in Bloomfield, you will want to make sure any and all electrical problems are found and taken care of by a professional before you legally buy the home. If not, these costs could run into the thousands and you’ll be on the hook for all of it since it is now your house.


#6 Inferior Heating and Cooling System. You definitely don’t want to live in Michigan in the winter without a quality heater, and the summers can be just as bad without air condition. The home inspector will check the heating and cooling systems, making sure they work and commenting on their efficiency.


Whatever problems your home inspector finds, be sure to have it taken care of by a professional, like those companies who handle plumbing, electrical work, or asbestos insulation removal in Bloomfield, MI.



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