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6 Activities for Kids That Don’t Require a Screen

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6 Activities for Kids That Don’t Require a Screen

6 Activities for Kids That Don’t Require a Screen

Are you sick and tired of your kids staring at a screen all day long? Even in school, they regularly do their work on computers and Chromebooks. From the moment they come home in the afternoon, they simply stare at their phone, the television, their tablet, and then rotate to another one. It is frustrating for parents, because we know it isn’t good for them. Make an effort to get your kids engaged, active, outside, and out of the house, doing something besides watching a movie or playing a video game. If you can’t think of anything they’d like to do, here are a few ideas to help get your started:


#1 Get into magazines. The best way to combat constant screentime is to work in reading time as well. Buy some magazines at the store and have a quiet afternoon. Once they are done reading their magazines, allow them to cut out their favorite words, pictures, and letters and make a collage. It will be extra fun and bring out their creative side.


#2 Learn a new instrument. Nothing takes up time quite like learning a new hobby. A musical instrument is a fantastic way to keep them occupied for hours on end, without any type of screen in front of their face. Who knows- you may have just fostered a lifelong love of music!


#3 Mini golf in Savannah, Georgia. Mini golf is fun for all ages, yet simple enough for even kids to do. It won’t take very long, but it’ll get them out of the house for a while and make them be active. If you are worried that they’ll sunburn or have other negative effects from being outdoors in the heat, find a place for indoor mini golf in Savannah, GA. That way, you can enjoy all of the benefits of mini golf without sweating or applying sunscreen.


#4 Go on a scavenger hunt. This one requires some effort from you, but it will be worth it when the entire day is full of fun that isn’t based on electronics. Based on the ages of your kids, create a list of things they need to find throughout your house, in the yard, and even out into the neighborhood if your kids are old enough. You can make them find certain color flowers, bring back a certain-shaped rock, and so much more.


#5 Paint a picture. Get their creative juices flowing! Most kids and even older teens like art. Take their love of drawing a little further by getting them paint, brushes, and thick paper. Have them spend a few hours doing a true masterpiece and then hang it up. When they see how proud you are, they will want to make another one next weekend!


#6 Bake cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? Even if it isn’t near the holidays, baking cookies is fun for the whole family. You can get different food coloring to make them festive for any time of the year, or simply make delicious baked treats that are your favorite. No one will miss their tablet when they are eating fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!


Whether it is a musical instrument, mini golf in Savannah, Georgia, cookies, or anything else, getting your kids, tweens, and teens away from their screens for a while is incredibly beneficial.


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