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4 Practical ways to rebuild your life after a tough breakup

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October 11, 2018
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October 12, 2018

4 Practical ways to rebuild your life after a tough breakup

Love is risky and heart break is agonizing. When you are in a relationship, you open your heart and soul to your partner and when it ends, life gets flipped upside down. You turn lonely and dismal with physical complications overriding your mental being from insomnia to loss of diet and weight loss. It is a fact when you are not happy, you start rejecting yourself, even basics like bathing becomes a burden. You start withdrawing yourself from your natural self and start hiding your pain behind a “happy go lucky” attitude. Your productivity declines while some even drift to alcoholism and drug addiction. The more you mask your agony, you feel far more hopeless getting trapped in your sadness. Here are the few steps to treat heartbreak. Remember, heart break is unlike any sorrow that takes time to heal until we take charge of the situation and take courage from it.

After my relationship of more than 10 years ended, I grieved for a long time and lost all of my confidence . I went into depression, drank and smoked..it felt like the end of the world.. But I managed to turned it around. Here are four ways I managed to start letting go of my grief and moving on after the worst phase of my life:

 Avoid Memories

Memories of your ex can pull you further into that depth leading to depression so what is the point in holding to things that do not deserve you. Disconnect your ex from social sites, remove all albums, avoid his/her common friends and even stop visiting the places you loved going together. Wipe all memories in order to create that “ME” space that is vital for your happiness.

Discover a Hobby

Remember your childhood hobby, remember how you loved painting or even cooking. Go back to your basic love, join a hobby class to unravel your artistic side. You may find new friends with new ideas and interests. Join a gym and while your fitness regime will shape your body, it will also melt your grief and burn your frustration out. Learn meditation, it sounds tough, but it is the best way to calm yourself and take control of your feelings. Meditation reinvents mind and soul. Spend time with your old friends, your close family members. You will realise how much they value you. It is always prudent to live with people who respect and appreciate your feelings instead of crying over empty relationships. Change is inevitable in life and how we open ourselves to new surprises is the first step towards rebuilding your life.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

There is always a fear of addiction during this period when you are weak inside. You are less resilient, and you may be blown off your true self and get drowned in these traps easily. Avoid friends who are alcoholic and drug addicts.

Be practical

It is difficult to shelf your sex life during this period. Instead of jerking before web cams, risking yourself for one night stands or going for paid sex, check the technological advance realistic love dolls. They are made of medical grade silicone TPE material and are completely safe for intimate use. The experience is much more real life than hand held mastubrators. They are the most practical tool for re-inventing yourself from this scenario.

There is a saying that marriages are made in heaven, so why despair when you can get company with a love doll until you find your true partner, there is no relationship issue, neither ego clashes nor unjust demands.

Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones is a relationship counselor, giving practical solutions like the use of real sex dolls to treat loneliness. https://my-doll.com/

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