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3 Ways to Prepare for a Roadside Emergency

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3 Ways to Prepare for a Roadside Emergency

No one expects to get a flat tire or run out of gas, but roadside emergencies like this happen quite a bit. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever be in a situation where you will have a roadside emergency, it is important that you prepare yourself and your car for such situations. If you know your car doesn’t have the roadside emergency essentials, it’s time to make your emergency kit.

If you never use this kit, you are one of the lucky ones. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll never find yourself in the position where you need emergency items on the road. If you aren’t sure what to put in your emergency kit, check out these three must-haves.

1. Flares

Road flares are essential for roadside emergencies. This is especially true if you are traveling on roads with a lot of curves. If your car stops in the middle of a curve, it’s best to put flares out at the beginning of the curve so other drivers know that there is danger ahead. Road flares are the best way for you to get the attention of other drivers, to ensure they slow down and take caution around your vehicle.  The great thing about road flares is they can be seen during the day and at night, and they can be seen from a great distance.

2. Blankets

Even if it isn’t cold outside, you don’t know how long you’ll be away from shelter. Having a blanket in your car at all times is incredibly important for your safety. If you are having a roadside emergency, and you have no way to get to a shelter, you will need a blanket to stay warm. Additionally, if you have to walk far distances, you will need to blanket to protect you from the elements. A good blanket won’t just protect you from the cold. It will help you protect yourself from the harsh summer sun.

3. Phone Numbers

The majority of drivers have cell phones these days. It’s important to make sure your phone is always charged fully before you drive anywhere. If your phone isn’t charged, use a car charger to make sure you have at least some battery life in case of emergency. It’s important to keep important phone numbers on hand, including your insurance company, a company that has towing service in Effingham, and your nearest contact.

Roadside emergencies aren’t always expected and cannot be predicted. Make sure you have road flares, blankets, and phone numbers, including the phone number of a company that offers towing service in Effingham.



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